The Central Ranchi Jharkhand Region

Although the Central Ranchi Jharkhand Region includes steel mills, coal mines and the state’s capital city of Ranchi, most of its residents are tribals who live in some 4,200 villages throughout the area’s vast forests and hills. The Oraon, Mundari and Santali are the main people groups in the area, and the primary languages are Sadri and Hindi.

Temperatures can drop below freezing in the Central Ranchi Region during the winter, but summers are hot, and tourists flock to the area’s many parks and waterfalls. In fact, tourism is a growing part of the economy, long dominated by the Bakoro steel plant and the coal mines.

The majority of the tribals, however, are engaged in agriculture or live off of the forest, selling firewood and herbs in local markets.


The Central Ranchi Jharkhand Region

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