Your sponsorship provides help and hope that transforms entire communities

Your child is the priority. Through our community development approach, you show him or her the love of Jesus Christ by meeting practical needs. You help provide solutions like basic health care, food, clean water and educational and community service opportunities.

After choosing a child to sponsor, you’ll receive a welcome packet with information about your chosen child, and you’ll be given access to an online portal where you can send pictures, letters, notes and love to your child.


Your $35/month sponsorship helps free children from the cycle of poverty. But not just children, it changes their families and communities, too!

Worldwide reach

Our child sponsorship program is present in Asia and Africa. Given the great needs in these countries, we focus on unserved communities, going where others have not gone.

40+ years

Inspired by Jesus' love for the poor, GFA World has been transforming communities since 1979.

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Have questions? Please call us at 1-888-946-2742.

How it Works

Ways your child and their community can benefit through your sponsorship:

Our field staff work with community leaders to identify the most pressing needs in the community. Your monthly support then helps provide solutions like:

What you get when you sponsor a child

So many boys and girls are currently awaiting sponsorship! Now is the time to change a life forever. When you sponsor, you will:


Ward off starvation. May include nutritious meals as well as essential vitamins for children.

Clean water

Grant access to community wells or filtration systems so clean, life-giving water becomes easily accessible.

Hygiene training

Share the basics about hand washing and dental care. Includes providing toothbrushes and toothpaste.


Fight disease and sickness. May include immunizations, checkups, diagnoses and treatments.

Recreational activities

See children who lack self-confidence and social skills begin to thrive.

Basic sanitation facilities

Clear the way for basic health by making sure human waste is safely disposed of.

Educational opportunities

Defeat illiteracy and equip children with key life-skills training to succeed in the future.

Community service

Make opportunities available for children so they may experience the value of investing in others.

Training for parents

Provide vocational training and other awareness activities for community members.

Be connected

Enjoy connecting with one specific child (unless you choose more!).

Gain access

Through an online portal, you may send your child letters and pictures.

Begin praying

Your prayers to our God of the impossible can forever change things for your child!

Receive letters

You will be able to write letters to your child, and your child will respond from time to time.

Receive updates

Discover broader GFA World programs and their impact.

Your sponsorship makes the “impossible”... possible!

Your $35/month helps children, their families and their communities break the cycle of poverty through community-wide solutions which may include opportunities for education, medical care, protection against malnutrition, clean water and more. Through this, they feel loved, wanted, hopeful and have the opportunity to experience God’s love firsthand.

These children are waiting for a sponsor!

You can help change the life of a child forever. Sponsoring a child for $35/month brings practical help and shares the love of God not only with your child but with his or her family and community too.

Would you be that special someone for one or more children in poverty today?

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Get answers to your top questions

Why Sponsor a Child?

How does a sponsored child benefit from my monthly donation?

Sponsorship connects you with one special child, but unlike in some other programs, sponsored children don’t receive direct cash benefits. Instead, your monthly donation is pooled for maximum effectiveness — you join with other like-minded sponsors to enable long-term community development programs that empower your sponsored child and their community, as well as other children in need, to improve their own lives in lasting, transformational ways.

Our years of experience have shown that the most effective way to help a child is to strengthen the child’s entire community. Each community that we work with faces different challenges and has different needs, so the work we do is unique to each community.

Your gift will help provide your sponsored child and other children in desperate need with the basic necessities that can help them reach their God-given potential. This may mean improving access to resources like clean water, better nutrition, basic healthcare, education and economic opportunities for his or her family, the community, and other children in need.

A small percentage of your monthly support may also be used to help with office administration and staff training.

Am I the only sponsor for my child?

Yes. Each child has only one sponsor, which is why it means so much to them when you take the time to write letters and pray for them. They're real children with real stories. You can even visit your sponsored child and see how you are a part of helping transform their community.

How can I sponsor a child?

Please visit this page to sponsor a child through GFA World. You may also call our office at 1-888-946-2742 for more information.

Child sponsorship donations are tax-deductible, and can be made monthly or annually by cheque, credit/debit card, or electronic transfers from your bank account.

We will send you an annual receipt stating your tax-deductible donation for the year for child sponsorship.

You will receive a picture of the child you are sponsoring.

Are you from the United States?

If you would like to sponsor, donate or make a store purchase, please visit our US office page.

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