Sponsor a Missionary, Child or Behind-the-Scenes Missionary

Transform a Community. Change a Life. Enable More Ministry.

By partnering with a national missionary, child or behind-the-scenes missionary, you’re taking on an important role in impacting the lives of people in Asia and Africa for eternity.

GFA World's missionaries minister in some of the neediest areas of the world. They’ve dedicated their lives to being the hands and feet of Jesus, and God is using them to shine His marvelous light into people’s lives.

GFA World’s child sponsorship program provides help and hope to children, their families, and entire communities. Our program is in Asia and Africa and focused on serving in communities where others have not gone.

GFA World’s Mission Support Team helps facilitate much of the work being done on the field. Because these behind-the-scenes missionaries serve in the U.S. office, national missionaries and children in Asia and Africa are able to receive the support they need.

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National Missionaries

GFA World's missionaries are hand-picked and trained to minister the love of Christ in Asia and Africa. Thousands of new fellowships have started as a result of their lives. Partnering with a national missionary is one of the most effective ways to share Christ’s hope with remote villages in Asia and Africa.

Each national missionary:

  • Has intensive ministry training
  • Can move freely in areas restricted to outsiders
  • Knows the culture

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Through My Lens: Seeing a Village Transformed

In this special video, we get to hear from a photojournalist with GFA World about what he experienced on two separate trips to the same village.

GFA World’s Child Sponsorship Program

Families struggling against poverty are often unable to provide a daily meal for the family, let alone send their children to school. Sponsoring a child gives a child hope for a brighter future—and impacts the whole family too. We are helping thousands of needy children in Asia and Africa.

By sponsoring a child, you can help provide things like:

  • Education
  • Medical Care
  • A daily meal

Sponsor a child

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