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Missionary Saphal



I was born into a non-Christian family in India. I have parents and two sisters. We used to worship various deities and spent time in offering sacrifices to them in temples.

Growing up, I became disobedient to my parents and developed a lot of bad habits. My parents counselled me to mend my ways but I did not pay attention to their words. In order to correct me my parents used to scold me very badly. Because of that often I used to leave home and live with my friends and relatives.

One day, a pastor came to visit our village and he was sharing the Good News to us. I also happened to listen his words and it penetrated my heart. His words made me to think about my life. Gradually, I started to spend my time with the pastor and used to go with him for ministry. Later, I was convicted that I was a sinner. So I confessed my sins and chose to trust in God. I began to attend church regularly.

Therefore, I sought in prayer to know His specific will for my life. God confirmed me of His calling in His vineyard. Eventually, I enrolled in a Bible School. After my studies, I began to serve God.

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