Women Missionaries Are Giving Hope to Asia's Women

There are women all across Asia who have discovered the amazing, transforming love of Jesus Christ and have His fire burning within their hearts. Eager to share this discovery with others, God has led them to devote their lives as missionaries, ministering to and serving the women around them.

Before knowing Jesus, these women experienced the same shame, fear, abuse, rejection and heartache their neighboring women live with. Because these missionaries are women and live in a culture where it's difficult to freely interact with men, they—unlike their male counterparts—can approach women in their homes and freely share about Jesus' love with no fear of misinterpretations.

Free of Gender Barriers

They can approach women in their homes and freely share about Jesus' love with no fear of misinterpretations.

Hope in Christ

These women missionaries can develop friendships and counsel women, offering comfort and much-needed hope that is only found in Christ.

Transforming Communities

Uplifting the lives of women is one of the most significant things that can come about to transform families and communities.

By sponsoring women missionaries through the national missionary program, you will:

  • Help make it possible for gender barriers to be overcome so women in Asia can hear about new life in Christ.
  • Serve women in all walks of life, whether widows, mothers or young adults.
  • Minister to women in communities such as villages, slums and leprosy colonies that have never had the chance to hear about hope found in Jesus.
  • Partner with an organization that has more than 35 years of experience in serving the people of Asia.

Women missionaries are the perfect solution to showing women in Asia the love of God.

Each woman missionary already lives in Asia or Africa. In preparation for ministry, she has gone through Bible college.

These advantages make her ideal to minister to women in Asia:

  • She can freely interact with other women in areas where men can’t.
  • She knows the cultural taboos instinctively.
  • She has already mastered the language or can easily learn a related dialect.
  • She lives in the community, eating the same food, wearing the same clothes and sharing the same cultural interests as the local people.
  • She has a passion and burden to help women in Asia.

Sponsor A Woman Missionary

Support the work of trained and dedicated women missionaries as they share Christ's love with women in Asia.

By pledging $30 per month, you can sponsor the work of women missionaries and invest in their lives and ministry through your prayers. Through GFA World's national missionary program, thousands of women have received the help they need, and Jesus is transforming their lives. But many other women still suffer.

By sponsoring, you will give hope in Christ to women in desperate circumstances.

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