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Missionary Homsira


I was born January 31, 1989, in a non-Christian family in India. During my childhood, my parents taught me to worship idols, perform rituals and offer sacrifices in the shrines.

As days went by, I started to mingle with worldly people and wasted my time with them in gossiping and watching bad movies. I was totally ignorant about the fact that this type of life would lead me to eternal hell.

Since childhood, I was suffering with breathing problem. I was taken to the hospital and underwent various medications. But none of the medicines gave me any relief. It was at this time; some missionaries came to our village to share the Word. Their words brought a ray of hope of being healed. Then with their help we went to a nearby church. There the pastor shared the Word and along with him the entire congregation joined with us in prayer. Miraculously, the Lord heard our prayers and healed me. No sooner, I confessed my sins and chose to trust in Jesus.

With a joyful heart, I began to attend the church services regularly. It was at this time; a desire grew in my heart to serve my Lord for the rest of my life. Through prayer the Lord confirmed me of my calling for the ministry and thus I joined a Bible School.

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