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Missionary Rajesh



I was born July 15, 1992, in a non-Christian family in Asia. My mother passed away when I was six years old. Since childhood, I followed the footsteps of my forefathers and worshiped various gods and goddesses.

In the following days, I started to wander around with a bad group of friends who influenced me to lead a reckless life. Since the death of my mother, my uncle took care of me. Through a pastor, he and his family came to know the true God. When he saw me leading such a sinful life, he encouraged me from the Word.

Since then, my uncle took time to share various stories from the Bible that helped me to realize that I was a sinner. Feeling sorry for what I had done in the past, I confessed my sins and chose to trust in Jesus.

I then started to attend church regularly and took part in all the spiritual programs. Soon, I was convinced of God’s calling in my life. I then decided to serve my Master as a full-time worker. As I had inadequate knowledge in the Word, I enrolled in a Bible School to train myself for the ministry ahead.

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