Pray for Sisters of Compassion

Sisters of Compassion, a group of specially trained GFA World missionaries, share Christ’s love with people who live in some of the most difficult circumstances. After receiving training that often includes subjects such as first aid, child psychology and counseling, these courageous women dedicate a period of time in their lives to minister to leprosy patients, slum communities, hospital patients, at-risk children or neglected widows.

These women, often embraced as family members by the people they serve, enjoy a fruitful ministry. At the same time, Sisters of Compassion face unique challenges, and they need the Lord’s grace to empower them, strengthen them and encourage them. Join us this month as we pray for Sisters of Compassion.

Pray for Confirmed Calling

Sisters of Compassion have a difficult job. They lay aside their own comfort by moving to communities lacking basic necessities, communities where they witness much suffering. To serve with endurance, the Sisters need daily renewal in the Lord and regular reminders that He has called them to do this work. They also need an outpouring of His love in their own hearts so it can overflow to others.

Pray God will confirm Sisters of Compassion’s calling to ministry and fill them with His love. Ask Him to remind them of the ways He is using their lives to build His kingdom.

Pray for Family Support

Some Sisters of Compassion have families who are proud of their decision to serve the Lord, but others have families who don’t know Christ or don’t understand the sacrifices they have made. With the support and prayers of their families, Sisters of Compassion can minister more effectively.

Pray God will touch the hearts of the families of Sisters of Compassion. Pray they will support the ministry of these women through their prayers and encouragement.

Pray for Health

In the communities where Sisters of Compassion serve, diseases often spread rapidly, and medical treatment may be difficult to access. Sisters of Compassion need to stay healthy themselves so they can care for others.

Pray God will give Sisters of Compassion health and energy to serve their communities. Pray He will protect them from disease and heal them from any illnesses they may experience.

Pray for Unity

Sisters of Compassion usually serve in teams, and the individual team members may come from different social backgrounds, people groups or regions. They need the Lord’s love and understanding for one another to minister effectively as a team.

Pray the Lord will fill the Sisters with love for one another and will help them to value, respect and support one another. Ask Him to empower each Sister with the unique gifts she brings to her team.

Pray for Strong Relationships and Much Fruit

Sisters of Compassion often serve among people who face unique hardships they themselves have not experienced, such as leprosy, homelessness or widowhood, but the Lord gives them favor and wisdom to minister to these individuals. The Sisters need His continual help to have empathy for and build friendships with the people in their communities.

Pray the Lord will fill the Sisters of Compassion with a supernatural wisdom and love for the people they’re ministering to. Pray people will welcome the Sisters into their lives and open their hearts to the Good News.

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