“We Do All of This Because of the Love of God.”

One of the Many Leprosy Colonies Being Transformed by Love

“If we didn’t help, no one would have served them or taken care of them as we do. … Whether it’s a literacy class, Sunday School, or cleaning their wounds, we do all of this because of the love of God.”
—Geeta, a Sister of Compassion

Geeta, a Sister of Compassion

Sisters of Compassion, specially trained women missionaries, joyfully live their lives in impoverished areas such as slums and leprosy colonies. Sister Geeta is only one of many women who have faithfully dedicated their entire being to serve people suffering from leprosy.

Leprosy is a heartbreaking disease that withers the body and soul of those it attacks. For thousands around the world, this epidemic drives its victims away from their loved ones. The destitute who suffer from this disease must live in colonies where others with the same condition live their lives separated from their loved ones.

However, hope is not lost for these individuals living with leprosy. The Sisters of Compassion, a group of GFA-supported woman missionaries, serve in leprosy colonies as one of their many ministry efforts. These women bring joy and hope to places where these comforts are otherwise unheard of. Through the generous support of people around the world, GFA has been able to provide aid in these leprosy colonies. The Sisters of Compassion, as well as other GFA-supported missionaries, bring both physical and emotional relief to these leprosy patients. Through medicine, a daily meal, or a simple conversation and smile, national missionaries are able to show that God loves those affected by leprosy.

Your gift to GFA-supported leprosy ministry enables national workers to meet the basic needs of many patients and help them understand God's constant love!

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