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Feb Jan


18th - Treasure Unearthed in a Slum


29th - The Curse of Leprosy Cured

7th - Water Buffalo Provides Security for Family


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11th - Rickshaw Unlocks a New Path

4th - From Death to Life at the Hands of a Good Samaritan


20th - Moving Poverty Out of the Picture

13th - Waiting for the Sun to Rise


23rd - Hope in the Unknown


18th - A Building Worth Waiting For


10th - Discovering Stability Under Tin Sheets


23rd - 'More of a Lifestyle, Less of a Job'

3rd - 2017: A Year in Review


25th - He Gave More Than a Handful of Rice

22nd - 100 Boats for 1,000 Fishermen who Survived Cylcone Ocki


15th - Breaking Generational Poverty with a Needle and Thread


17th - Life-changing Doctor Visits


29th - What My Faith Had Seen All Along

20th - Digging a Well: Uprooting Discouragement


26th - What Leprosy Couldn’t Steal


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22nd - Forgotten Islands No Longer Forgotten

15th - 125-Year-Old Woman Receives Blanket

11th - Yards of Mesh to Shield and Unite


21st - A Church Without a Home

20th - My Life for His Glory

20th - Failing Kidneys, Opposition and Answered Prayer

13th - Flushing out Disease, Building Dignity

7th - Life on a Tea Estate

7th - A Safe Place for Tea Estate Children


31st - Stashed Papers and a Dream

24th - Jesus: Faithful in Sickness and Health

4th - Twins Find What the World Can’t Give


19th - The Redemption of a Dying Man

12th - 80-year-old Man Hears of Jesus for the First Time

5th - Literacy: Something to be Treasured


22nd - Peace Through the Airwaves

8th - A Promise to Keep


31st - Jesus' Love vs. Animal Sacrifice

18th - Reviving Health and Blooming Faith

11th - Rebuilding a House, Building Trust


27th - The Desperate Search

23rd - Netramani: A Widow's Story

6th - Young Child Laborer Finds New Life

6th - Love-hungry Athlete Finds True Love


30th - A Helpful Thief

16th - Uncovering a Treasure After 16 Years

8th - Anxiety in the Delivery Room


24th - Trading Plastic Bottles for a Brighter Future

4th - ‘I Must Do the Work’: When Cancer Tries to Take Over


21st - Rejected Couple Forced to Drink Dirty Water

17th - See how this BioSand filter brought Nirmala’s family JOY!

7th - The Stranger at the Bazaar

2nd - Walking Four Miles Every Day for Water

1st - Love on Fire

1st - Hope in a Bucket of Water

1st - A Legacy that Will Touch Generations

1st - ‘We Want to Sacrifice’


28th - Too Poor for Suicide

21st - The Church that Ended the Gossip

17th - A Jesus Well Transforms Salil’s Family


31st - ‘I Will Be Their Daughter’

26th - Mina’s Story: Joy in the Face of Suffering

16th - Drying the Tears Behind Her Smile

1st - Healing for a Broken Home


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20th - Altering Their Income

6th - How Goats Fixed a Leaky Roof


29th - A Gift that Won’t Ever Wear Out

21st - An Unearthly Courage

18th - Adhira: Living Her Life for Others

15th - The Return

15th - Leprosy Patient to Lioness: The 100-Year Journey

15th - Kantilal: Man of Prayer

15th - Learning How to Save Her Baby

8th - Blessings Beyond Full Tummies

1st - Saved from the Edge of Insanity


18th - When Hard Work Wasn’t Enough

3rd - When the Alcoholic’s Son Prayed


26th - A Dream: Turned Away at Heaven's Door

2nd - Unlocking the Door of Literacy


30th - A Future for Children Orphaned by HIV

16th - Touched by the Blessing Others Received

4th - Monsoon Rains Cause Floods, Landslides in Five Nations

2nd - Dreaming of Food and Schoolbooks


19th - Seeking Death but Finding Life

4th - Child Lost in a Sea of Faces


20th - Treasure Hunters, Mental Illness and Hope

14th - Finding Jesus in a Grocery Store


31st - Four Days to Live

3rd - An Education They Never Dreamed Of


25th - Courage When the Ground Shakes

21st - Drought Develops into Severe Water Crisis, Affects Millions

19th - When a Mother Comes Home

12th - Widow Shares Hope with a Fellow Widow


31st - Where They Sowed Their Dreams and Sorrows

22nd - Where Pure Water Flows

3rd - Fulfilling a Last Wish

3rd - The Expectation That Was Met

3rd - Love that Casts Out Fear

3rd - A Slum Child's Return

1st - Four New Wells Bring Clean Water to 5,300 People

1st - Toilet Provides Families with Privacy and Safety

1st - Water Filters Are Making an Incredible Difference

1st - Jesus Well Displays Christ’s Compassion

1st - Clean Water for an Entire Village

1st - Ten Jesus Wells Inaugurated in One Region for World Water Day 2016

1st - Enjoying the Gift They Didn’t Want


23rd - When They Uncovered the Student’s Secret

16th - Mother’s Faith Follows in Daughter’s Footsteps


26th - He Found Jesus at Just the Right Time

5th - A Bicycle Prepares the Way


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15th - How Piglets Supplied an Education

8th - When the Vegetable Vendor Couldn’t Buy Vegetables


23rd - Sewing Machine and Widow’s Dignity

10th - Compassion Fills Bare Home with Joy

2nd - A Deeper Sacrifice

2nd - A Cold Cross to Carry

2nd - Love, Shame and Drunken Fury

2nd - Saving the Baby in the Dumpster


27th - Once Addicted, Now Transformed

14th - Tin Sheets Help Teen Go to Church


29th - Temptation and Redemption

23rd - Not Unnoticed

16th - What Friends, Alcohol and Smoking Couldn’t Do


19th - Booklet Leads Rejected Wife to Hope

4th - Bounty Found Through Brokenness


14th - Finding Life After 65 Years


22nd - Through a Widow’s Tears

11th - VBS in South Asia

9th - Far-Fallen Man Finds Faithful Friend


28th - Prayers and Mud Puddles

20th - Pastor Marty

13th - When Fathers Die and Hunger Hurts

6th - Desperate Mother Receives a Gift She Couldn’t Give


15th - An Unexpected Chain of Films

1st - Freed From Death to Walk in Life


18th - The Gift That Stopped the Fighting

11th - Water From the Rocks

4th - Searching for Jesus Through the Radio

4th - The Cost of Sharing Christ

4th - From Funeral Wood to a Pencil

4th - A Place to Call Home


17th - Pastor’s Question Saves Daughter’s Life


20th - Healing for the Sores on Her Soul

7th - 'Morally Loose' Women Change a Wife's Character


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22nd - Welcome to Their Toilet

16th - Sheltered by God's Love

9th - Vegetables on Wheels Save Kids’ Futures

4th - Happiness and a Hand Tricycle


18th - Be A Light

18th - Faith Through the Fire

10th - God Broke Through

6th - Now Entering Filth and Fertile Ground


29th - They Placed Their Hopes in the Prayers of a Stranger

2nd - When My Tumor Disappeared


24th - The Man Who Didn't Want a Jesus Well


12th - Rebel Faces Daughter’s Defiance


22nd - She Met God on the Rooftop

10th - A Bomb Saved His Life

9th - Mountaintop Missionary

8th - Demanding a Refill


25th - Forced to Build Their Church Five Times


27th - Seven Years to Build a Church

5th - Drinking Lessons with Mom


28th - Waiting for Her Husband to Disappear

15th - Boy Tormented by Evil

1st - No Better than His Father


18th - A Village Starving for Water

11th - Her Husband Kidnapped Their Son


18th - A Baby Girl is Nothing to Celebrate

5th - Their Mother's Hidden Legacy


28th - World Leprosy Day: A Love They Can See

28th - Compelled by Love

21st - Torment in the Land of Kings

6th - Abandoned by the god's She defended


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27th - No Time, No Money and an 'Impossible' Goal

18th - The Prisoner's Weapon

6th - Family Faces Annual Flood Inside Home


28th - In the Heart of South Asian Slums

8th - Living to Die


24th - A Mother Fights Her Daughter's Prayers

10th - A Life Dedicated to Sorcery


27th - Not by the Blood of Goats

13th - Neighbor Healed and Nobody Cared


30th - No Time to Rest

23rd - Desperately Searching for Survival

16th - She Just Wanted to be Like Other Children

2nd - Famous Shaman Battles New Power


25th - Broken Lives Now Mended

18th - Desperate for More Than Clean Water

11th - Watch Kavisan's Life

4th - Christian Daughter Forced to Marry Unbeliever


28th - Church Under a Tree

21st - One Dream Not Worth Following

13th - She Sacrificed Her Son

6th - A Request They Were Eager to Grant

6th - Thirty Children Embrace Christ at VBS

6th - She Wants to be Like Jesus

3rd - She Sold Her Daughter

3rd - A Mother Again

3rd - The Dream


30th - A Missionary's Past Leads to New Life

23rd - Two Sisters Build Their Family a House

16th - Mula: A Widow's Story

9th - Early Morning Prayers Build Church

2nd - Christ's Call


12th - The Team that Changed Everything

6th - Ready to Suffer


26th - Widow's Struggle to Survive

19th - From Praise to Slavery

11th - Cursed to Live Forever


29th - Counting the Days to Death

22nd - Desperation for Clean Water

15th - Blankets Bring Relief to a Shivering City

7th - Blue Biosand

1st - Half a Penny, the Price for Peace


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25th - My Visit to a Leprosy Colony

17th - A Worthy Investment

12th - Ranjan Finds Hope After Tragedy


27th - Children Changing Lives

13th - Girl Brings Scandal to a Village

7th - Marisa on a mission


23rd - Girl Goes Shopping to Fight Consumerism

17th - Collecting Cans for a Cause


25th - Her Illness; His Nightmare

18th - Kavita's Story

11th - Engulfed By Shame

4th - He is Just Like Jesus


28th - His Life Almost Ended on the Tracks

21st - Women Missionaries

14th - Employees Beg for Water


31st - A Witch Doctor, a Stranger and a Curse

27th - Stranded Flood Victims Wait for Relief

17th - Secure in the Slums

3rd - Nominal Christian Transformed through Women's Fellowship

3rd - Women's Fellowship Burdened for Their Village

2nd - Defeated Man Attempts Suicide a Second Time


22nd - Real-life Hero

19th - Nepalese Woman Finds Hope Amidst Great Loss

12th - Lifting the Curse

5th - Mobile Team Enters Hostile Territory

1st - New Testament Lies Dormant for Years


29th - On This Trash Heap They'll Build Their Church

15th - Child Tries to Kill Herself

8th - A Mom and Her kids

2nd - Women Missionaries Serve Leper Colony

1st - Bullet Strikes Head of Fleeing Thief


17th - Man Tries to Stop Crucifixion

10th - Answered Prayer


27th - What Can God Do With a Bible College Dropout?

14th - When Suicide Failed, What Next?


28th - Over 250 Million Women in Asia are Illiterate

21st - I Love This Photo

14th - Why Are You Exploiting This Girl?!


3rd - A Wonderful Life


Dec Nov Oct Sep Aug Jul Jun May Apr Mar Feb Jan


30th - Homeless Again: Cyclone Thane in Tamil Nadu, India

30th - Going Fishing

30th - More than Money Could Buy

28th - In the Lord's Strength

26th - A Plentiful Harvest in a Forbidden Land

20th - Two Weeks to Change a Life

19th - No More Midnight Interruptions

16th - The Life and Times of a National Missionary

15th - Love That Overcomes the Fire

15th - Poor Son Discovers Father's Riches

13th - One Tract Can Change a Life

12th - Demonstrating God's Power Through Prayer

1st - Breaking the Chains of Illiteracy

1st - Christmas Celebrations in South Asia


29th - Good News for South Asia's Ganglords

29th - 'The Source You Have Given to Us Is Never Finished'

28th - Sunday Best: A Home for these Congregations

23rd - A "Meaningless" Ministry

22nd - Slum Children Get Clean

21st - The Other Piece of the Puzzle

21st - Caps and Gowns for Harvesters

20th - Ringtones for Jesus

20th - A Sister's Mourning Turns to Joy

19th - Bridge of Hope to Show True Heart of Christ

19th - Refusing a Drink Leads Four to Christ

19th - Opposition Leads to Double Feature

18th - Medical Care

18th - Creating for their Creator

18th - An Immunity Boost

17th - Band-Aid instead of Body Cast

16th - Missionary's Wife Healed

16th - Bringing Love to AIDS Patients

16th - Rekindling His Faith After 13 Years

14th - Lightning Strikes House

14th - Saved From Her Own Family

10th - Bringing Good out of Bad

8th - Hope for Myanmar

1st - How to Save a Life

1st - Congregations Evicted, Evangelism Stifled


28th - 'I Make My Grandchildren Listen Also'

27th - Jesus on Summer Break

27th - Clean Hands and Pure Hearts

25th - Warm Gifts of Love

24th - Missionary's Home Burns to the Ground

24th - Father Drinks, Children Starve

21st - A True Mountaintop Experience

21st - Christmas Gifts at Easter Time

20th - He Didn't Mean to Build a Church

19th - Graduation: Just the Beginning

19th - God is Stronger

18th - Children of the Slums Receive Wearable Love

18th - Rickshaw: Seats Three, Impacts Hundreds

17th - Compassion Services Battle Effect of Floods

14th - Leave Our Children Alone!

14th - More Than 300 Worship in One House

13th - A New Roof Over Their Heads

11th - Missionary Attacked by Wild Elephant

11th - Bringing Life in the Dead of Winter

7th - On Higher Ground

4th - He Wanted to Die; She had a False Perfect Life

3rd - A Primitive Village, A Pastor’s Dream and A Sick Man


30th - See for Yourself

29th - The Aftermath of the Earthquake

27th - They Waited Eight Months, Two Years and Four Years for a Church

23rd - Desperate for His Deliverance

23rd - Relief in Flood-Stricken Areas

22nd - Three Missionaries Go to Be with the Lord

22nd - Demon Possession Spreads Salvation

20th - Blessed Are Those Who Hunger and Thirst

20th - Testimonies of God's Love, Power

19th - Missionary's Wife Dies in Earthquake

16th - Fed-Up Wife Seeks Prayer

15th - On the 68th Day of Christmas

13th - New Moon Illness Cured by Three-Hour Prayer

13th - Church Hoppers Find a Permanent Home

12th - A Captive Audience

12th - How We Became Bible College Students

7th - When Everything Seemed Against Him

6th - No Longer Neglected

6th - Ministering to Families Displaced by Civil War

2nd - Cattle Herder Battles Demons


30th - Another's Faith Becomes Their Own

29th - Wedding for the Widow's Daughter

29th - Jail Guard One of Many New Believers

23rd - Muddy Water +Concrete+Sand+Rocks = Clean Water?

19th - India, Myanmar, Bangladesh Hit with Floods

19th - Believers Provide for One Another

18th - Fighting Demons in the Darkness

16th - Drunk Flirt Meets Missionary, Finds Jesus

16th - The Lame Walk and the Blind See

11th - Missionary Dies in Accident

9th - A Watershed Moment Brings a Town Together

1st - Landslides Cut Off Villages

1st - Salvation Spreading from House to House


29th - Widows Find Healing, Hope

28th - Landslide Damages Church

28th - Fighting for a Bucket of Water

27th - Lord Heals Lung Infection

26th - Saving Their Sight

26th - Pouring Out His Life

19th - Man Has Beef with God

18th - Orissa's New Homeowners Speak

18th - New Homes for Orissa

18th - Missionary in Hospital, Critical Condition

15th - Shots, Tests and Exams for Free

13th - Healed Bodies, Hard Hearts

13th - Passing the Torch: Leadership Spreads from One Missionary to Another

11th - Intense Tummyache Leads to Salvation

8th - Orphaned Children in Need of a Heavenly Father

7th - When His Gods Let Him Down

5th - Dodging Obstacles and Sharing Jesus


30th - Stories, Silly Songs and Snacks

30th - Introducing Children to Jesus

28th - Helping A Homeless Congregation

23rd - Youth Learn How to Be Unified in the Spirit

23rd - Kidney Failure and Boils

22nd - Demon Flees after Six Long Years

22nd - Hope in the Heart of Darkness

21st - Hardened Heart Melts after Movie

20th - Jesus Got Him Back on His Feet Again

16th - Persecuted Refuse to Deny Christ

16th - Two Pastors Lose Homes in Storm

14th - Food and Hope for Sri Lanka's Flood Survivors

13th - Alcoholic Changes His Ways

10th - Missionaries Need Prayer for Healing

9th - Taking to the Streets to Serve

8th - Hailstorm Wreaks Havoc

8th - Film Teams Struggle, Triumph in Volatile Region

6th - Women's Fellowship Seminar

3rd - Bus Accident Waylays Two Women Missionaries

3rd - Life Before Ministry

3rd - Sisters Who Stopped Arguing

2nd - Learning to be a Woman of God's Word

2nd - Reaching Out in Both Rain and Shine

2nd - Convention in Remote Village Teaches About the Love of God

1st - Reaching out at Major Sporting Event

1st - Woman Encounters Jesus on Her Way to Temple Priest

1st - Village Leader Defends Missionaries


31st - Taking Desperate Measures for Relief

31st - Pastor Stands in for Father

27th - Buffalo Milk is His Miracle

27th - Chirag Meets His Spiritual Parents

27th - Missionary and Family Survive as Home Collapses

26th - "These Days Carried a Blessing"

26th - The Movie Missionaries

26th - 10,000 Gospel Tracts at Trade Fair

26th - Escaping a Demon

25th - South Asian Women's Day Out

25th - Learning to Live by 1 Timothy 4:12

25th - Challenged to Lead Others to Christ

23rd - Demons Lose Starring Role at Film Show

23rd - Bible College Students Clean Up

23rd - Migrant Village Boy Gains New Vision

20th - New Believers Publicly Proclaiming Their Faith

19th - Christmas All Year Long - and All Over India!

19th - A Proud Rickshaw Driver

19th - From Hard Knocks to Soft New Clothes

19th - A Long Journey by Foot

18th - Cleaning Up Smelly, Dirty Water

18th - The Teachers' Turn to Learn

18th - Bible College Students Learn Spiritual Laws

16th - 18 Hens Didn't Help, but Jesus Did

16th - Learning and Doing

13th - Bringing Warmth to the Big City

10th - Bridge of Hope Brings New Life to Entire Family

9th - Letters from Radio Listeners

4th - Witchcraft Defeated

4th - Once Bitter Enemies; Now United Under Christ's Banner

3rd - Where There Was No Missionary

2nd - Why are There So Many Missing Children?

2nd - Child Escapes from Kidnapper after Two Years of Forced Labor


26th - Still Celebrating Christmas in Rajasthan

25th - Churches, Homes on Disputed Land Face Demolition

20th - Winning Over the Skeptics

20th - Republic-Day Rejoicing

19th - Spreading Dual Messages of Prevention and Love on World AIDS Day

19th - Job Search Ends in Insanity

15th - Bikes, Book and Bridge of Hope

14th - GFA Film Team Threatened, Movie Shut Down

14th - From Struggling Student to Star Stand Out

14th - Fighting Tuberculosis with Prayer

13th - He Died for Them!

7th - Feeding Stomachs, Cleaning Houses and Refreshing Spirits

7th - A Chance Encounter?

7th - Massive Fire Claims 40 Lives in Tripura, India

6th - Parched! Drought in Jharkhand and Bihar

6th - Refusing to Give up: A Missionary's Faithfulness

6th - Fire Engulfs Students' Homes

6th - Fury, Fists Over Funeral Arrangements

5th - Once Forbidden From School, Now a Successful Student

5th - They Couldn't Find a Church, so a Missionary Came to Them

3rd - Graduating to a Life of Suffering


31st - Brain Tumor Leaves Missionary Paralyzed, Unresponsive

29th - Worshiping Where He Once Wreaked Havoc

25th - Preparing for Earthquake Relief in Myanmar

22nd - Children Celebrate Bridge of Hope

22nd - Providing Nourishment for Waterlogged Bodies and Souls

18th - No Longer a Two-Face

16th - Elephant Stampedes into Home

15th - Once an Addict, Now an Example

14th - Stay Away From My Son

10th - Church Prays, Fasts for Backslidden Man

4th - Two Women, Different Lives, Same Lord

1st - A Little Food, and a Glimpse of Hope

1st - Privileged, Prosperous...Yet Hopeless


25th - At Last, a Family Finds Freedom

25th - Asthma Brought Her to Christ

25th - The Wrath of Angry Gods

25th - Healing Power Leads Family to Christ

25th - More Than Turkey and Pumpkin Pie

24th - New Roofs, New Hope

23rd - Bridge of Hope Student Dies in Accident

23rd - Jesus, the Great Dentist

22nd - Something to Smile About

21st - Pure Water for Pakistan Flood Victims

21st - A Friend's Prayer of Freedom

21st - Film Teams in Training

18th - Children's Day Celebrations

16th - Sewing A New Future

15th - Opposition Results in Deep Commitment

14th - Feeding and Clothing the Body While Nourishing the Soul

10th - What She Wanted for Christmas: a Cow

10th - Wild Elephants Destroy Believers' Homes

10th - Doctors Gave Up on Him, But the Great Physician Didn't

10th - The Witchdoctors’ Failed Prediction

8th - Hearts Ignited for God

8th - Faithful Missionary Dies of Leukemia

7th - From Water Shortage to Wellsprings of Life

4th - Influential Woman Seeks Help for Family

3rd - Battered Sri Lanka Believers Need Help; Houses Collapse

3rd - Wild about Salvation

1st - Three Days, Two Movies, Hundreds of Tracts, Many Changed Lives: The Journey of a GFA Film Team

1st - Assessing the Needs of the Outcast and Unloved

1st - A Dream Stirred His Soul


28th - His Leprosy Vanished

28th - Deck the Halls with "Oinks" and Wheels

27th - Cleaning a Hospital for the Holiday

25th - Christmas Comes to Those in Need

25th - Caring for Flood Victims

19th - Celebrating Christ with Non-Believers

18th - Parents Threatened After Siblings Embrace Christianity

18th - A Tribal Girl is Delivered

17th - Two Families See God’s Power

14th - Missionary One of Thousands Who Lost Homes as Floods Devastate Sri Lanka

11th - Spiritual Enrichment for Women in Nepal

11th - Floods Continue to Disrupt Life in Sri Lanka

10th - Sharing God's Love

6th - To the Streets to Teach Hand-Washing Techniques

5th - She Poisoned Herself

5th - Missionary Doctor Witnesses Depressing Medical Cases

4th - Sweet Tooth Leads to Salvation

4th - "Shaking the Dust" after Drunk Man's Disturbance

4th - In Bollywood Capital, Jesus Film is a Big Hit

3rd - Increasing Devastation as Sri Lanka Flooding Drags On


Dec Nov Oct Sep Aug Jul Jun May Apr Mar Feb Jan


29th - Sharing Christ at Christmas

28th - Christmas Gifts and Party Anger Anti-Christian Extremists

28th - Saved and Singing

23rd - Fishing Nets Free Them of Debt

20th - A Rickshaw Pulled Them Out of Financial Ruin

16th - Evil Spirit Manifests as Deceased Husband

14th - From Gospel Literature to Growth in Grace and Knowledge

13th - Flooding: Repeat Offender in Sri Lanka

9th - Saved from Poison, Insanity

9th - Pastor Sentenced to Three Years in Prison

7th - "Why are You Running Away from Me?"

6th - The Sweetness of Victory

1st - Violent Windstorm Strikes Assam


30th - Third-Grade Dropouts

29th - Faithful with the Film

19th - Seeds Sown at a Soccer Tournament

19th - 35 New Missionaries Sent Out to Serve

18th - Commanded to Leave

17th - Educating Children About Strong Families

17th - Bible School for Christmas

16th - When His Father and Mother Forsook Him

16th - A Movie Fostered Friendship - and Salvation

15th - She's a Nurse, Missionary's Wife and Sewing Teacher

15th - Saved Twice from Death

14th - Medical Camp Makes Impact

13th - Chronic Headache Ends With Prayer

13th - Graduates Gifted to Sew

10th - "Life is Short - Don't Make it Shorter"

10th - Bringing Love and Life to the Lepers

10th - Village Transformed through Christmas Gifts

10th - Church Building Campaign Powered by…A Rickshaw

9th - With a Sewing Machine, a Family Finds Freedom

9th - Nepal Believers Given New Hope by Gifts from GFA Christmas Gift Catalog Donors

9th - Women's Fellowship Appreciates Parents

9th - Sewing Machines Answered Their Prayers

9th - Sixteen Years Later: Amazing Growth

8th - From Poverty to Provision, One Christmas Gift at a Time

8th - Sewing Machine Provides for Family of Five

8th - To Him, a Goat Meant God Cares

8th - Her Life Belongs to God

8th - Small Actions Share Christ's Love in Big Ways

7th - The Wrong Radio Station Changed His Life

7th - God Saved Them Both

7th - Clean Hands, Healthier Lives

7th - Leprosy Cast Them Out; God's Love Takes Them In

6th - Gospel Tract, Restless Night Lead Police Officer to New Life

6th - God's Hand at Work Through Prayer

5th - He Flew from Jail on the Wings of their Prayers

5th - A New Attitude

4th - From Wedding to VBS to Salvation

2nd - Bridge of Hope Centers Rebuilt After Storm

2nd - Christmas Gifts Bless Families; Build Rapport in Community

2nd - Humans, Demons Oppose Women’s Film Teams

2nd - Devastated Couple Finds New Life

2nd - Day of Outreach

2nd - "The Heart of Raju" Pricks Sinner's Heart

2nd - New Hope in the Red Light District


29th - GFA Missionaries Reaching Out to Cyclone Victims in Myanmar (Burma)

28th - Independence Day Excitement: Celebrating and Serving Their Country

27th - Showing God's Love to HIV Kids

26th - Committed through the Cold

25th - From Alcohol to New Life

20th - A Cart to Carry Her Vegetables

18th - Sharing Jesus at the Commonwealth Games

18th - Showing Love to the Downtrodden

15th - Another Film Showing, Another Beating

14th - Floods Displace Millions in Bangladesh; Damage Churches, Bridge of Hope Centers in India

13th - Continued Hope for Pakistan's Flood Victims

11th - Families Gain Freedom through Christ

11th - After the Stones Were Laid

11th - Bridge of Hope Center Back in Business

11th - Back into the Fold

11th - Film Shown, Seeds Planted

7th - Diarrhea and Cholera Threaten Lives

7th - Missionary Faces Discouragement after Floods Destroy Home

5th - Winter Won't Stop Him

4th - Loosed from Chains

4th - Five Days of Learning and Fun

4th - Border Dispute Results in Violence

2nd - Church Prays for Building, God Answers


28th - Laying the First Stone

25th - Children Come to Christ Through VBS

24th - Proposed Nepal Constitution Brings Both Good News and Difficulties for Christians

21st - From Chains to Freedom

21st - The Miracles of Jesus: From Film to Reality

20th - Healing After Three-Hour Prayer

20th - Christian Man's Death Stirs Opposition in Village

17th - Floods Bring Suffering to Maharashtra, India

16th - Wrong Place at the Right Time

16th - Persistent Prayers of Women's Fellowship Teams

14th - Home is Where the Church Is

11th - Miracles in Everyday Ministry

10th - Flooding Spreads to Assam

7th - Bedridden Man Now Walks

3rd - Flood Relief Work in Uttarakhand

2nd - Taking Food, Clothing and Hope to the People of Pakistan

2nd - Women Delivered, Church Grows

1st - Bicycle Injuries Increase Boy's Faith


31st - Women Host Medical Camp

31st - 518 Youths Hear of Christ

27th - Missionary's Home Washed Away in Flood

24th - Filtered Water Changes Lives

23rd - Showing Christ's Love with Vitamins

23rd - Women's Fellowship Prayers Answered

17th - 65-Year-Old Housemaid Turned Missionary

16th - Healing Touch from God Brings Salvations

13th - GFA Teams Bring Hope to Pakistan's Flood Victims

10th - Jesus Wells Change Lives in Villages

3rd - Sharing Jesus at a Tea Estate

2nd - Paralyzed Lady Walks Again

2nd - Missionary Prays, God Heals


29th - Vacation Bible Schools on the Mission Field

27th - The "Perfect" Family Finds True Freedom

20th - Thousands of Youth Worship, Seek God

16th - Bridge of Hope Center Flooded, Missionary's Home Destroyed

7th - Radio Rouses Realization of Christ

6th - Flood Victims See Christ's Love in Action


29th - Riding His Bike to the Tea Plantations

28th - Bamboo Artisans Share Jesus

22nd - Mobile Teams Boost Ministries

14th - Bearing their Scorn

7th - From Demon-Possession to Bible College Student

7th - Road Trip with 60 Stops

7th - Sister's Visit Changed Brother's Life

4th - Healing, Salvation and a Healthy Delivery

1st - Rebuilding the ‘Village of Peace’

1st - Two Film Teams that Didn't Give Up


26th - Delivering Help and Hope

22nd - Sri Lanka Flooding Called Worst Natural Disaster Since 2004 Asian Tsunami

21st - Health Camp Gives Women a Voice

20th - Landlord's Life Changed After Believing in Christ

20th - Women Missionaries Interrogated

18th - A Demon Flees by God's Power

18th - Insanity, Witchcraft, Idolatry and the Grace of God

14th - Storms Cause Devastating Loss in Several Areas

13th - Outreach on International Women's Day

11th - Students Reach Out with Christ's Love

10th - Pedaling and Praying for a Revival

5th - Strike Shuts Down Kathmandu, Nepal

4th - Miracles Reveal God's Glory


30th - Two Tales of Redemption

30th - Pious Woman Finds No Relief From Deities

27th - Three Church Dedications in Two Days

26th - Before He was Pastor

24th - Witch Doctors Predicted Her Death, Jesus Gave Her Life

23rd - Storm Destroys Brand-New Bridge of Hope Center

20th - Bright Eyes for Bridge of Hope Children

20th - Compassion Services Teams Serving Cyclone Survivors

20th - Pastor Catches Fishermen

14th - Gospel for Asia Caring for Cyclone Victims in Bangladesh, West Bengal, India

14th - They Thought She Would Die Soon

13th - Labor of Love Shelters Believers

7th - Stitching Their Way to a Better Life

6th - Village "Crazy Girl" Rescued

1st - Bangladesh Tribals Hide in Forest


30th - What Their God Couldn't Do

29th - Women Teaching Women

24th - 235 Families Lose Their Homes to Fire

24th - A Heavenly Father for Ashok

22nd - A New Bridge of Hope Center Opens

20th - New Life Springing from Blood-Soaked Ground

20th - He Came Back Stronger

18th - The Rippling Effects of One Radio Program

18th - Students Fight Polio with Compassion

18th - Using Music to Reach 1,000 People

18th - Fire Leaves Believers Homeless

16th - Seizures Drive High-Caste Woman to Feet of Jesus

16th - Sidetracked to a Divine Appointment

15th - Celebrating and Reaching Out on India's Republic Day

15th - Happy and Healthy Bridge of Hope Kids

15th - Conference Prepares Women to Impact their Villages

11th - The Importance of Vitamins

11th - Teaching the Teachers

10th - Alphabet Outreach

10th - Eight Sisters Change Family Legacy

9th - Spreading Cheer to Pediatric AIDS Patients

9th - Snow, Ice and a New Fellowship

8th - Children Teach Others How to Wash Hands

4th - Children in Tsunami Town Share Hope

4th - Transformed at Tea Time


26th - Civil Unrest Affecting Missionaries in Bangladesh

24th - Saved through a Motorcycle Crash

24th - Slum Residents Enjoy Clean Water

22nd - Bright Smiles for Bridge of Hope Students

17th - Balloons, Newspaper Houses and Action Songs

13th - Bridge of Hope Staffer In Bus Accident

11th - Her Weeping Turned to Rejoicing

11th - Millions Wash in Polluted "Holy" Water

10th - Revealing God's Refreshing Love

10th - Kicking a Demon Out of the House

9th - Gifts that Change Lives

9th - Water for 75 Families

4th - Little Gifts Meet Big Needs

3rd - He Found Someone Who Understood His Problems

3rd - The Doctor Will See You Now

3rd - Anti-Drug Parade on "Gandhi Day"

2nd - Villagers See Jesus at Free Eye Clinic

1st - Missionary Injured in Accident

1st - Radio Prayer Calmed His Body and Healed His Spirit


28th - Nepali Christians Make Their Own Holiday

28th - Her Story Gave Them Hope

27th - GFA Literacy Program Receives Community Recognition, Support

26th - Cold Weather Claims Lives

26th - Ministry Grows in Bangladesh, Needs Still Persist

25th - Remembering Gandhi

25th - Sleepless Night Leads to Salvation

22nd - Saint Nicholas Points to the King

18th - Struggle for Water Brings Message of Christ to Slum

14th - World AIDS Day Awareness Initiatives Educate Communities, Show Love

12th - Enriching Communities in Orissa

12th - A Holy Race

7th - Conflict over New Indian State Threatens Missionary Work

6th - Delivering Bedsheets of Hope

6th - Fresh Hope Where There Seemed to Be None

2nd - Rejected by Community but Loved by God


Dec Nov Oct Sep Aug Jul Jun May Apr Mar Feb Jan


30th - "Even if More Problems Come, I Will Never Leave Jesus"

30th - Letters of Deliverance

24th - A Christmas Piglet Helps a Little Girl

23rd - Staying Warm in Nepal

22nd - Christmas Catalog Rickshaw Fleet Transforming Lives

17th - Two Pigs and a Bicycle

16th - "A" Little Vitamin Opens Eyes - and Hearts

15th - Missionary Doesn't Give Up; 20 People Choose to Follow Christ

14th - Driving Grandma's Rickshaw

14th - Christmas Gifts of Life

10th - Little Flock Pays for Wedding

10th - Film Touches Three Lives . . . and Many More!

10th - Curiosity Helped Them Hear the Gospel

9th - 5,700 Tracts in One Day

8th - Myanmar Faces Famine Due to Rat Plague

7th - A Christmas Kid

4th - Farmer Gets Christmas Sewing Machine

4th - From Tears of Sadness to Tears of Joy

4th - They Wanted Joy, Too

1st - Women Missionaries Face Harassment


30th - A Little Dog Saves Tea Time

30th - Christmas Sewing Machine Gives Weary Man Something to Smile About

30th - Christmas Prayers Answered

29th - Bridge of Hope Strengthens Family Bond

29th - Fighting Neglect with Sewing Machines

20th - Temple Priest Leads Couple to True Healer

17th - Another Way to Celebrate

13th - Students Take On Polio

13th - Community Receives Medical Help, Hope

12th - Rock-a-bye Miracle

10th - Bridge of Hope: A Hope for Their Future

6th - Delivered After Three Years of Demonic Torment

2nd - She Has a Gift to Share


30th - GFA to Rebuild Flood Survivors' Homes

27th - Doing an "Untouchable" Job to Show Love for Their Communities

26th - A Farm Boy's Ambition

23rd - He Won’t Stop Sharing

20th - Ministering to a Militant

19th - Facing Death Opens Hearts to the Gospel

17th - Cyclone-Hit West Bengal Faces Flooding Again; Missionaries Still Ministering Hope

16th - Providing Comfort in Their Time of Need

15th - A Baby and a Demon

15th - GFA Ministering Hope to Flood Survivors

12th - Flood Survivors Tell Their Stories

9th - Rebuilding Lives in Post-War Sri Lanka

6th - Missionaries Bring Hope to India's Flood Victims

2nd - Prayer Provides Healing from Mysterious Illness


28th - Getting Their Hands Dirty to Share Jesus

28th - Bound by Fear as Naxalites Cause More Trouble

27th - Power Problems Prove No Deterrent for Holy Spirit

25th - He Would Serve No Matter the Cost

16th - Flood Victims See God's Love in Action

14th - "He Used to Beat Me Daily"

8th - GFA Teams Pour into their Communities to Celebrate India's Independence Day

7th - Deliverance for One Life Affects Another

31st - A Life Transformed in Assam


27th - Violence in the City of Peace

26th - Stronger than the Darkest Black Magic

23rd - Violent Maoists Still Terrorizing Villagers

19th - Witnessing Miracles

17th - Tumor Disappears After Prayer

17th - "Can Your Jesus Heal My Daughter?"

16th - Wild Demon Proves No Match for God

13th - Bridge of Hope Centers Conduct Anti-Tobacco Rallies

13th - Free Eye Clinic Helps People See the Light

12th - Salvation Overflowing from Woman to Woman

12th - Missionaries Reach Out to Flood Victims in Myanmar

5th - Student Becomes Family Breadwinner

5th - Healed of Epilepsy, Called to Service

3rd - Like Father, Like Daughter

3rd - Touched by God's Love


28th - Sharing Jesus with Actors

28th - Conflict in Manipur Spurs Eviction

22nd - Sorcerer's Daughter Discovers Jesus

22nd - Nargis Survivors Find New Hope Amid Suffering

21st - Strike Stalls Life in Darjeeling

20th - Failed Plans; God's Plans

20th - Reaching Out to Aila Survivors

15th - Women Bible College Students Shake the Dust Off

14th - A Multipurpose Church Building

12th - Family Finds Relief, Freedom in the Everlasting Arms

9th - India Elects its First Dalit Speaker

9th - Floods Ravage the State of Assam

8th - Child's Prayers Lead to Mother's Healing


29th - Learning the Language of Love

25th - Maoist Violence Affecting Work in West Bengal; Indian Government Bans Maoist Political Party

24th - A Dream and a Prayer

23rd - The Fifth Child Superstition

22nd - Blood Donation Drive

21st - Good News in Nepal

17th - Bible College Changed His Life

16th - A Library Ministry

15th - Students Reach Out on Good Friday

11th - Reaching Out to the Hungry

10th - Finding the True Sacrifice

4th - Now They Know That God Loves Them

4th - Will Rat Farming Bring Dignity for Dalits?

3rd - The Pastor Prayed and . . .

1st - GFA Missionary Manja Tamang Released from Nepal Prison


27th - Gospel for Asia Missionaries Describe Horrific Damage of Cyclone Aila

26th - GFA Missionaries Reaching Out to Bengal Cyclone Victims

26th - Prisoners and Guards Find Freedom

25th - Thrown at the Doorstep

20th - Different Dads, One Heavenly Father

19th - GFA President Calls India Election Results A Vote Against Extremism

14th - "I Was Healed"

14th - More than 4,000 Helped at GFA Medical Camps

13th - GFA Workers Helping Sri Lankans Displaced by Civil War

11th - Pastor's Life Threatened When Believers Refuse to Take Part in Village Festival

7th - Lone Believer Severely Beaten

7th - Wayward Son Learns the Ways of Love

6th - Nepal Crisis Threatens New Freedoms

5th - Indian State Court Rebukes Lower Court Judge; Affirms Dalit Rights


29th - Who is the Real God?

22nd - Delivered from the Graveyard

16th - Violence Closes Bridge of Hope Center

15th - New Life Springs from Death

15th - Life Becomes "Pleasant"

13th - Freedom from Bondage of Witchcraft

12th - Peace Comes to a Weary Couple

2nd - Convention Nourishes Women

2nd - Children Bring Christmas Cheer to Soldiers, Peers


30th - A Superstition is Broken

26th - 52 People Healed

26th - Bible College Heavily Damaged by Storm

16th - Celebrating Independence by Serving

16th - Jesus Dramatically Changes Priest's Life

11th - Children, Parents Hunger for the Word in Bhutan

11th - Missionary's Blood Donation Drive Pleases Community

11th - Police Officers Hear About Jesus

4th - Wheelchair Shows Jesus' Love

4th - Indian Christians Share the Love of Christ at Christmas

3rd - The Witch Doctor's Daughter


25th - A Family Finds Hope

24th - A Woman Finds New Life, Healing

19th - Twin Boys Took Away Her Shame

11th - Hope Comes to Myanmar

5th - Trained to be Arrested

5th - Nepali Missionaries, Believers Share the Christ of Christmas

4th - A Little Boy's Prayers for His Dad

2nd - Goddess Worshiper Finds Prince of Peace


28th - A Himalayan Mission Adventure

21st - Bible Students Bring Hope to Factory Workers

19th - A New Song in His Heart

15th - GFA Workers Proclaim Christ's Love, Raise AIDS Awareness

14th - A Musical Miracle

8th - 12 Years of Bondage Broken

7th - Man Suffers Heart Attack, Receives New Heart

4th - A Surprisingly Peaceful Christmas in Orissa

4th - Speechless When They Heard the Truth

4th - Missionary Arrested on Christmas Eve

1st - Harvest Time

1st - Eight Young People Choose Christ in Flood-Ridden Assam

1st - Sadhu Leaves Goddess of Destruction


Dec Nov Oct Sep Aug Jul Jun May Apr Mar Feb Jan


30th - Rats Causing Famine in Myanmar

29th - No Money Left

25th - Relief Supplies Distributed in Bihar Despite Obstacles

22nd - Families Enjoy Gifts Tailored to Them

18th - Discovering True Peace in a Tropical Paradise

14th - Training to Share His Hope

11th - Christmas Comes to the Outcasts

10th - Family Finds Jesus in the Hospital

4th - Police Change Their Mind about a Movie

3rd - A Goldsmith Turns to Jesus

3rd - A Young Man Searches and Finds

1st - Rescuing the Perishing

30th - No More Throwing Pots


25th - K.P. Yohannan Cries Out Against Mumbai Terrorist Attacks, Questions Cause

20th - Flood Relief Reaching Bihar

18th - Drunkard Finds Jesus

17th - Hope When There Was None

13th - Significant Results from Simple Treatment

12th - Drunk-driving Witch Doctor Finds Christ

12th - Celebration During Orissa's Darkest Hours

5th - Healed from Tuberculosis

3rd - They Truly Cared


30th - Disaster Victims Isolated from Aid

26th - Persecution a "Way of Life" in India

23rd - Widow Becomes Village's First Believer

19th - A Son's Quest

16th - Murderers Receive Death Penalty for Dalit Deaths

14th - Witch Doctors and Village Head Receive Christ

10th - Villagers Suffer as Rats Destroy Crops

10th - They Aren't Just Goats . . . They're Family!

9th - We Will No Longer Worship the Kosi River

5th - A Hurting Body and a Brother's Enduring Love

2nd - She Yearned To Know Her Gods

2nd - A Place to Praise


28th - Tract for A Blind Girl

28th - Twelve People's Quest Rewarded

25th - Indian Government Threatens to Seize State Governments; Flooding Hits Orissa

17th - "We Love to Go for Walks"

14th - Ethnic Conflict Affects Ministry in Assam

14th - Mumbai Widow Finds Relief, Hope

10th - Seven Demons Flee

9th - Third Wave of Floods Devastates Assam

3rd - From Addict to Missionary

3rd - A Sorcerer's Quest

2nd - Cleanliness Leads to Godliness

1st - Orissa Attacks Described

1st - A Temple Priest Gets a Second Chance


30th - Starvation, Water Diseases Plaguing Flood Victims in Bihar, India

28th - GFA Work Hit Hard by Bihar Floods

28th - Danger in Manipur

27th - Update: Second Wave of Flooding Devastates Assam

27th - No Money for the Surgery

24th - A Little Girl Can Walk

20th - He Refused to Turn Back

20th - Jammu and Kashmir Conflict Update: Bridge of Hope Center Shut Down

20th - 700 Dalits Come to Christ

19th - Missionary Now With The Lord

19th - Ministering During Summer Vacation

17th - Young Woman Set Free

14th - Student Attacked Over Gospel Tract

13th - Redeemed from Physical, Financial Bondage

7th - Youth Learn to "Escape Corruption"

6th - The Secret Resident

6th - Freed to Testify

4th - Missionary Arrested, Harassed

3rd - Kidnappings and Flooding Leave Northeast India in Turmoil

3rd - The Long Journey through Bhutan


30th - Alcohol, Tailoring, Hotels and Finally, Jesus

29th - Jesus Well Refreshes Village

27th - "I Can Forsake Everything but Jesus Christ"

23rd - No Tumor Too Big for God

20th - Indian Christians Forced from Their Homes

17th - A Pastor Who Wouldn't Go Away

17th - Violence in Jammu Disrupts Work of GFA Missionaries

17th - GFA Conference Helps Renew Christians' Passion for Jesus

14th - The Healing Power of God's Touch

10th - Loving Those with Leprosy

9th - Women's Fellowship Touches Lives

2nd - AIDS Drives Dalit Man to Jesus

2nd - The Ministry of a Blind Beggar

2nd - Christians Hopeful in Nepal


29th - The Unknown Cure

25th - Suicidal Son Now New Creation in Christ

19th - Dalits Subjected to Humiliating "Reconversion" Rituals

18th - Prayer Brings Father Back Home

12th - Rebuilding in Bangladesh

8th - Young Boy Betrayed with Poison

5th - Missionaries' Lives Spared in Auto Accident

4th - A Mind Returned!

4th - Dalit Woman, Newborn Die After Hospital Refuses Treatment

4th - Sri Lanka Floods Leave 400,000 Homeless; GFA Calls for Prayer, Emergency Aid

4th - Myanmar Relief Continues Amid Difficulties, Hundreds Turning to Christ

3rd - Never the Same Again

2nd - New Release Date for Manja


28th - "Christian Witch Doctor" Leads Many to Christ

22nd - Church, Missionary's Home Go Up in Flames

22nd - Bridge of Hope Principals Gain Knowledge Inspiration at Conference

21st - The Blessing of a Baby

19th - A Gospel Tract Leads a Witch Doctor to Jesus

18th - Rural Convention Draws 5,000 Tribals

16th - Dalits Welcome in Church

15th - GFA Relief Shipment Received in Yangon

13th - Bombs Blast Jaipur

8th - Stitching Her Garments with a Grateful Heart

7th - GFA Missionaries Seeking Cyclone Survivors

7th - The Church Near Bollywood

7th - Easter Parade Reaches Nepal

4th - Surviving Cyclone Nargis

4th - Reaching out to Cyclone Survivors

30th - Women Touching Lives in Sikkim

30th - A Christian's Concern and a Pastor's Prayer


28th - Sharing God's Love In Delhi

24th - Church Reaches out to Villagers Who Lost Homes in Fire

23rd - Welcoming Jesus at School

22nd - A Shepherd Boy Becomes a Missionary

17th - Maoist Party Victorious in Nepal Election

17th - The Forbidden Hills

16th - Rampant "Untouchability" Continues

13th - Bible Translated into Orissa's Main Language

10th - Jagdeep's Gospel Garden

10th - Violent Campaign Ends With Peaceful Elections in Nepal

9th - Heart Healed and Saved

7th - Elections Bringing Democracy to Nepal

3rd - Christ Proclaimed in a Dalit Slum

2nd - An Unusual Debate


26th - A God Who Answers

25th - Students Receive Good Response in Jammu and Kashmi

20th - Parade for Soap and Sanitation

19th - Blind Boy Sees the Light

17th - Anti-Conversion Bill Declared Unconstitutional in Gujarat

13th - Christmas Milk Turns to Water

12th - Sharing God's Love at Christmas

11th - Woman Finds Healing, Freedom

6th - From Atheism to Gospel Sharing


24th - Gospel Going Forth Despite Government Crackdown on Christians, Churches

21st - Joyous Reunion after 13 Years

19th - When the Tables Turned

14th - A Last-Resort Effort Saved His Life

7th - From Insanity to Faith in Christ

6th - Leprosy Patients Choosing Christ


29th - Chased to Mercy

29th - Reaching The Islands

27th - Given the Strength to Transform Villages

27th - Dalit Civil Rights Case Stuck in Court

23rd - Beautiful Song Shows the Way

21st - Encouragement on a Bicycle

16th - Tracts Lead to Questions about Jesus

15th - Christmas Gifts Warm Body and Heart

14th - GFA Releases New Books in Nepal

8th - Ministry on Two Wheels

1st - Ministry Behind Bars


Dec Nov Oct Sep Aug Jul Jun May Apr Mar Feb Jan


27th - Good News at AIDS Awareness Rally

26th - Pakistan Leader's Assassination Shakes South Asia

26th - Wife Gambles Herself Away

19th - Youth Team Reaches out to Dalits

13th - Love for Leprosy Patients

12th - Committed to the Narrow Road

10th - After Four Years of Prayer

6th - Missionaries Forced Out

5th - Discouragement Dashed; Lives Changed

2nd - Missionaries' Homes Destroyed


28th - A Scoundrel Turns to Christ

20th - Seventy Saved through Powerful Prayer

19th - Radio Listeners See the Light

18th - GFA Missionaries Reaching Out to Victims of Bangladesh Cyclone

13th - Remote Villages Transformed through Film

13th - New Home After Elephant Rampage

8th - Sharing Life Amid Hopelessness

6th - Bridge of Hope Worker Kidnapped, Released

1st - Lost Pig Comes Home

1st - Dalit Kids Beaten; Mother Burned


24th - Healed and Whole

18th - Sri Lanka's 'Karate' Missionary Dies

17th - Believer's Healing Inspires Village

15th - Notorious Sumitr Comes to the Lord

15th - Movie Changes Harassment to Hope

11th - With Food and the Message of Hope

3rd - Literature Leads to Dramatic Encounter


19th - Couple Receives their Greatest Gift

18th - A Light Found at the Market

11th - Empty Church Draws a Crowd

5th - His Brother's Keeper

5th - Low-Caste Party Takes Control in Indian State

4th - Prayer and a Mother's Perseverance


29th - Film Leads 15 to Receive Christ

25th - Bomb Blasts Rock Hyderabad

23rd - Missionaries Celebrate through Service

22nd - Child Healed by Prayer

21st - A Changed Life

19th - Outreach on the Line of Control

16th - Animist Village Hears the Gospel

9th - Dressing the Wounds of Lepers

9th - GFA Missionaries Bringing Christ's Hope to Victims of South Asia's Floods

8th - Woman Leads Family to Christ

1st - Quiet Young Man Becomes Bold Witness

1st - A Daughter's Heart Cry


30th - Accident Opens Door for the Gospel

25th - The Tumor Is Gone

24th - Village Head Disrupts Film Show

18th - Resistant Villagers Ask for Film Show

16th - Monsoon Flooding Affects GFA Work

12th - Beggar Finds Jesus Just in Time

11th - Prayers Touch People of All Backgrounds

10th - Dedicated Missionary Dies of Cancer

4th - Prayer Turns Despair into Hope

4th - Dalit Husband from Broken Home Follows Christ

3rd - Women's Team Confronted and Pastor Arrested

2nd - Saved by a Motorcycle Accident


27th - A Mysterious Headache

26th - Pastor Sustains Severe Burns

25th - One Week to Salvation

20th - Building Project Interrupted

20th - The First School in the Village

18th - Possession and Pain Healed through Prayer

14th - A Touch of Love for Melwin

13th - Only through Christ's Power

6th - Tea Plantation Laborers Find Life

6th - Third Chance

31st - Hope on the Verge of Death


30th - I Have A Father

28th - Power Over Venom

23rd - Committee says Dalits Must be Given Rights

21st - Gospel for Asia Bible College Student Dies

14th - Beautiful Feet in High Places

10th - Hanging on to Life by a Thread



25th - A Father's Death, A Family's Life

18th - Pastor's Wife Reaching Village

12th - Staying Warm This Winter

11th - A Movie that Changes Lives

5th - Bridge of Hope Children Suffer in Village Fire

4th - Healing for a Paralyzed Heart

4th - Bible College Students Shine the Light


28th - Daughter's Healing Leads to Family's Salvation

21st - Banyan Bible Study

20th - Healing Breath of Life

14th - A Marriage Rescued

8th - Clothing with Compassion

7th - Former Hindu Finds Christ Through Healing

7th - Woman Healed through Radio

5th - God's Grace Frees a Guilty Soul

4th - Dalit Priest Finds Jesus


21st - She Turned Away From Her Gods

14th - Believers Dedicate First Church in District

14th - A Mocker is Saved

8th - Women's Compassion Touches Teenage Girl

7th - Trading an Evil Curse For a Real Cure

1st - Film Team Overcomes Opposition


30th - Former Dalit Alcoholic Becomes Powerful Witness

29th - A Leper in Jesus’ Arms

24th - Village Chief Stands by Missionaries

23rd - Anti-conversion Bill Opposed

18th - Gospel for Asia Reaches Out at Festival

17th - Bridge of Hope Center Impacts Entire Family

17th - State of Emergency in Bangladesh

17th - Shining His Light

15th - Pastors Seek Prayer for Safety in Assam

15th - Special Report: Why Healings?

11th - Rajasthan Emergency Flood Aid Opens Door to Witness

11th - Anti-Conversion Law Targets Christians

8th - Assam Ethnic Violence Escalates

3rd - Dalit Named India's Chief Justice

3rd - She Chose to Serve God


Dec Nov Oct Sep Aug Jul Jun May Apr Mar Feb Jan


27th - Lost Ox Brings Family to Christ

25th - Tsunami Survivors Receive New Homes

21st - Rajasthan - Anti-conversion Law Stalled

20th - Leading Other "Untouchables" to Christ

20th - A New Hope

14th - A Tiny Village Turns to Christ

13th - Buddhist Family Chooses Christ

4th - Reaching Buddhists with the Gospel


19th - GFA Urgent Prayer - Bombs Blast Train in Unreached Area

14th - Goa Ladies Team Ministers in Slum Area

6th - Rampaging Elephants Help Spread the Gospel


30th - GFA Radio Expands with 11 New Language Broadcasts

25th - Snake Chases Man to the Lord

18th - Special Dalit Report - Part 2

16th - Bible College Students Raise Funds for Well

16th - One Year after the Kashmir Earthquake

12th - Bangladesh - Beyond the Relief

11th - Miracles Draw Many to Christ

2nd - The Battle for One Soul


27th - Good News from Next Door

20th - Widow Set Free from Evil Spirit

20th - Dalits Hit with Floods, Relief Bias

14th - GFA Compassion Services Responds to Monsoon Floods

14th - India's Floods: An Overview

14th - Flooding Affects GFA Ministry Work

10th - Ministry in a "War Zone"

7th - Dalit Woman's Kidney Stolen

6th - Surprise Visitors Show Up at VBS


28th - Redeemed from the Stigma of AIDS

23rd - Lingering Rains Delay India Relief Supplies

23rd - Former Witch Doctor Stands Firm

16th - Returning Boldly

14th - Bible College Student Loses Parents to Monsoon Floods

10th - GFA Moves to Aid Flood Victims

9th - Emergency Flood Request

7th - Bridge of Hope Cook Becomes Child of God

7th - Outreach Team Attacked in Maharashtra; Pastors' Wives Beaten in Chhattisgarh

3rd - Bible Students Jailed

2nd - Dalits Deprived of Clean Water

2nd - Family Receives New Life in Manipur

31st - Salvation in the Land of the Thunder Dragon


24th - “Wondrous Miracles” Grow Pastor’s Church

19th - Prayer Sought for Jharkhand Persecution

19th - Headman Comes to Christ

18th - India's Supreme Court Urges Police to Prosecute 'Honor Killings'

17th - Radio Touches Broken Lives

12th - Love that Drives Out Fear

11th - GFA Missionaries Spared in Mumbai Bombing

6th - Dalit Liberation: The True Answer

3rd - Twice Saved


28th - Compassion Speaks, Extremists Silenced

27th - GFA Myanmar State Leader Survives River Accident

25th - Nepali Missionary Still Joyful in Prison

25th - Dalit Children at Work, Not Play

19th - Missionaries Beaten in Andhra Pradesh

14th - Bible College Classes Start on Time after Threat of Closing

14th - Perseverance Produces Fruit

12th - Banging Down the Door

7th - Dalits Free from Anti-Conversion Restriction

5th - God's Love Finds 'Hidden' Widow


25th - Missionary Burned, Suffers Loss of Wife

25th - Center for Dalit Children Suspends Classes

23rd - Three Bicycles, Nine Missionaries

18th - GFA Leaders See Prayers Answered in Nepal Political Changes

17th - Mute Daughter Healed through Fervent Prayer

15th - Summer Vacation Miracles

14th - GFA Radio Leads Injured Man to Christ

11th - Healing a Mother's Heart

10th - Healing Brings Relief from Tumor

3rd - She Found Joy in Jesus


25th - Only Jesus Could Answer Their Prayer

23rd - Delivered from Witchcraft

17th - Renewed Passion

17th - Pastor Dies from Burn Injuries

16th - Sorrow Turns to Rejoicing

11th - High Caste Family Opens Door to Gospel

6th - Pastor Badly Burned

4th - Radio Broadcast Transforms Lives

3rd - GFA Reaches Nepalis in Malaysia


20th - A Cord of Three Strands

14th - Pastor and Church Members Freed!

5th - Not Bound by a Prison Cell


26th - Fisherman Becomes 'Fisher of Men'

21st - Encouraging the Youth of Nepal

19th - Transformation of an Alcoholic

12th - 'Hurricane' Season Leads to Flooding

7th - Taking Action against Substance Abuse

1st - Hindu ‘Festival’ Aims at Christians

31st - Outreach Teams in Jammu & Kashmir


30th - Gladness Instead of Mourning

22nd - Writing Names in the Book of Life

17th - Tamil Nadu Women's Team Reaches Out

10th - Medical Camp Held in Jammu

8th - Ministry in a Tropical Paradise

8th - Bangladesh Missionary Brutally Murdered


Dec Nov Oct Sep Aug Jul Jun May Apr Mar Feb Jan


29th - Hope in the Slums

27th - Myanmar: Words of Hope for a Weary Land

26th - The Gospel Proclaimed in Tamil

26th - Words of Hope for a Weary Land

18th - Believer Killed in Assam Violence

13th - GFA Relief Efforts in Kashmir Delayed

11th - Dalit Village Shown Exemplified Love

8th - Christmas Presents to Last a Lifetime

6th - Healed from Epilepsy


29th - K.P. Praises Indian Government Stand on Delayed Dalit Court Case

29th - Missionary Reaches Orphans

27th - An Abundant Life

22nd - Women's Team Shows Christ's Love

21st - Threat to Burn Indian Believers Thwarted

21st - Bridge of Hope Center Needed in North Indian Slum

15th - Cycling for Haryana

14th - Indian Believers Under Vicious Death Threat

14th - Jesus lifted Babu's head

9th - GFA Tsunami Relief Work Brings Family to Christ

8th - Bringing the Good News to Bhutan through Radio

6th - Violence Drops in Assam, Danger Continues

31st - Update on the Kashmir Relief Team


30th - Gospel for Asia Missionary Dies of Malaria

25th - Dalit Court Case Delayed

23rd - Fire Damages Slum Near Bridge of Hope Center

18th - “It Feels Like a War”

17th - Indian Court to Rule on Dalit Case

17th - GFA Provides Medical Aid to Earthquake Survivors

11th - GFA Responds to Deadly Earthquake

7th - Earthquake Hits Bible College

4th - Rejoicing with Those Who Rejoice

3rd - Believing for a Miracle through Radio

2nd - "This School Made It Possible"


27th - A Wearied Heart Finds Rest in His Love

20th - "Pray—Jesus Will Heal"

11th - Comforting the Brokenhearted

6th - Pastor Killed in Motorcycle Accident

5th - A Very Special Day of Outreach


30th - Finding True Peace

28th - All Hope Was Lost

23rd - Prayer Needed for GFA Workers Affected by Flood-Related Diseases

21st - Suicide Stopped by Radio

9th - Stopped in His Tracks

31st - Prayer Needed as Floods Increase


27th - GFA Responds as Bible College, Slums Swamped by Record Floods

11th - Shaanti Finds Peace at Last

5th - A Life Changed through Scripture


21st - Child Of Compassion Touches Tsunami Lives

21st - Tsunami Loss Opens Spiritual Doors

16th - With Faith We Serve

2nd - Soaking Up Jesus’ Love

31st - Encountering the Prince of Peace


30th - His Passion Renewed through Radio

24th - From Drugs to Joy in Jesus

19th - His Heavenly Father’s Embrace

18th - Shattered Lives Made New

10th - The Power of His Mercy

3rd - Mending Broken Lives

1st - One Life at a Time


26th - Hope and Healing for Ramesh

24th - Finding the Light of Hope

21st - Wanting to Find Fault

19th - His Father Almost Died

14th - Urgent Prayer Requests from India

12th - Sweet Relief for Sarasamma

10th - No One Had Told Them

7th - Willing to Count the Cost

5th - Satisfied at Last

31st - Churches Planted through Radio


29th - Brought from Death to Life

24th - New Hope for a Failing Marriage

22nd - Finding Peace for a Troubled Soul

20th - Finding Light in the Darkness

17th - Hope for Despair

15th - Attempted Stabbing

7th - A Broken Heart for His People

1st - Redemption for Gautam

28th - Tsunami Can't Displace GFA Pastor


27th - A Drifter No More

24th - Women Reaching Women

22nd - From Darkness to Light

20th - KP Visits with a Field Leader in India

20th - Breath of Fresh Air

17th - A New Creation in Christ

17th - Mending Broken Hearts

15th - Comfort for a Weary Soul

14th - Clinging to the Word of God

13th - A Place to Belong

10th - Words of Life

8th - A New Direction

7th - Radio Turns Distress to Joy

31st - After the Waves Had Gone


27th - A Life Turned Around

26th - Ask Dr. K.P. Yohannan ...

25th - Picking a Fight

23rd - A Better Life

18th - Hands of Compassion

18th - Binding Their Wounds

17th - Amazing Report from K.P. Yohannan in India

13th - A Mother's Tears

11th - Tsunami—What’s next?

11th - Firsthand Observations of the Tsunami Aftermath

9th - An Unplanned Path to Salvation

6th - Paralyzed Girl Walks in Faith

5th - Broken Love Healed by Prayer

1st - GFA Relief Efforts

31st - Update on Tsunami Relief Work


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29th - A First-Hand Account from Kerala

28th - Tsunami Relief Update

26th - GFA Responds to Deadly Tsunami

25th - Pleading for a Cure

22nd - Sustaining Faith

21st - Reason to Rejoice

21st - Set Free

6th - Rest for His Soul

6th - Made Alive in Christ

5th - Relief and Comfort for Mariyam

2nd - Fifteen Years of Torture

30th - Drawn to the One True God


29th - Desperate Search

18th - In Step With Christ

17th - Healing Touch

16th - A Daughter's Faith

15th - He Wanted to Die

11th - Better than Surgery

10th - Saved Marriage

8th - A Brighter Future for Sudeesh

7th - A Joyful Surprise

4th - No Cure in Sight

3rd - Safe Return

2nd - Freed by the Blood of Jesus

1st - Three Days in a Coma

1st - From Living Death to Life Forever

1st - What More Was There to Live For?


28th - "Would You Pray to Jesus?"

27th - A Life Worth Living

26th - Deliverance for Santhosh

25th - He Makes All Things New

21st - Drawn to the Savior

20th - Saved from Death

20th - Comfort for a Hurting Family

18th - A Church’s Vision

12th - God Moved in their Hearts

11th - Peace for a Weary Soul

10th - Faith for a Cure

7th - Healed and Drawn to Christ

30th - A Day to Remember

30th - Tears for Change


28th - "I Believe God Will Work in Their Hearts"

27th - Could Jesus Heal Her?

26th - He Hated Christians

23rd - The Day Ramu Changed

22nd - Dalit Girl Raped and Strangled to Death

21st - Help for the Hurting

19th - As a Mother Loves

16th - Twice Rescued

15th - A Mere Delusion

7th - The True Peace Giver

7th - Out of the Asylum

6th - His Heavenly Father

2nd - Piggy Banks Reaching India

31st - Appeal for Manja Submitted to the King


29th - A Time to Reconsider

26th - Direction for Prabath

25th - Waiting for News

23rd - Seen and Loved

22nd - His Sight Restored

17th - Where Peace Prevails

5th - Hungry to Hear More


27th - A Friend Visits Manja in Prison

20th - Darkness Shattered

5th - How Manja Was Arrested

30th - Letter from K.P. about Manja

30th - Urgent - Manja's Appeal Rejected


29th - Bedridden and Saved

28th - Manja News from K.P.

26th - Manja's Story (Audio)

16th - Manja's Verdict Delayed Again

12th - God's Healing Touch

31st - Manja's Verdict to be Announced June 17


26th - Manja's May 27th Hearing Delayed

20th - Radio in Nepal

5th - Nepali Field Leader Hopeful for Manja’s Release

3rd - Manja's Case to be Heard One Day Sooner


14th - Manja’s Case Rescheduled for May 7


17th - Manja's Case Dismissed; Remains in Prison

2nd - Manja’s Court Date Set for March 18!


Nov Oct Sep Jun May Apr Mar Feb Jan


9th - Manja’s Verdict Delayed

5th - Manja’s Case Could Be Decided Tomorrow!


26th - Manja's Case to be Decided November 9


29th - Manja Update--A Place to Grow


25th - Manja's Case Heard!


4th - Manja Stays Encouraged; Wife Prepares for Ministry


27th - Manja’s Trial Delayed Again

9th - Manja May Be Released!


16th - Manja's Trial Delayed Again


25th - Manja's Trial Schedule

20th - Manja's Hearing Postponed Again


26th - Manja's Wife Determined to Serve God Despite Delay

9th - Manja's Trial Rescheduled a Fourth Time

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