Tools for Missionaries

A national missionary with two sturdy feet, a strong voice and a compassionate heart is a powerful tool for the Lord. We can help them be even more effective by providing ministry tools that will assist them in reaching the lost.

Tools of Hope


Every worker needs tools to effectively accomplish their task, and GFA-supported workers are no exception. You can provide national workers with tools—like Bibles, literature, winter clothing or bicycles—that will help their ministries and show people God’s love.

Gospel Tracts


Help a national missionary share the story of our Saviour with Gospel tracts to pass out in his village. Literature is treasured in Asia, so a packet of Gospel tracts is a gift that you can be sure will be passed on and read by others. Your gift of $1.00 will provide 200 Gospel tracts for a national missionary to share.



Many GFA supported missionaries spend many arduous hours walking from one village to another. With a bicycle a national missionary can visit three to four times as many villages in a day. A heavy-duty Indian-made bicycle can be a wonderful blessing for $110.

Radio Programs

15-minute program for $45 or one hour of programming for $180

You can broadcast the story of Christ throughout India and other nearby countries through GFA Radio. Thousands have given their lives to the Lord through these programs in their own language. People who are exposed to the Gospel through radio tend to be more receptive to national missionaries when they visit. You can provide one 15-minute program for $45 or one hour of programming for $180.

LCD Projector Kit


Man of Mercy, an Indian-made film on the life of Jesus, is one of the most effective ways to share the Gospel with people in Asia. Tens of thousands have already given their lives to Christ as a result of watching this moving film. To share this amazing story with others, national missionaries all across the mission field are waiting for an LCD projector kit, which includes the film and all the equipment needed to show it. What a wonderful gift you can share for $1,750!



Motorbikes can carry two national missionaries at a time! A motorbike is an extremely useful and time-saving tool, especially in hilly areas where pedalling a bicycle is difficult. The cost of a motorbike is $1,200.

Missionary Vehicle


An entire national missionary team and all of its valuable equipment can travel to several far-flung villages a day with this wonderful gift. That could become several hundred villages a year! A heavy-duty jeep vehicle can be provided for $17,000. Be sure and watch the talking jeep video! I have quite a story to tell.

Musical Instrument


National missionary teams draw a crowd when they enter a village and begin playing worship songs with their musical instruments. The two most common musical instruments used in Asian worship are drums and tambourines. You can provide a drum for a missionary for $22 and tambourines for only $5 each.

Child Hope Packet


The opportunity for a Dalit child to receive an education and the love of Jesus is the best gift imaginable. Your Child Hope Packet will make it possible for an "Untouchable" child to go to school. Your gift helps provide school uniforms, books, tutoring and help with homework, at least one nutritious meal each day and a yearly medical checkup. Children in the program will also hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many times, entire families are changed through just one child. A $50 Hope Packet can change one child's life for all eternity.

Kerosene Lantern


Light the way for a missionary walking at night through remote villages without electricity. You can provide the valuable gift of a simple kerosene lantern for only $25.

Flip Charts


Illiteracy is still high in many Asian countries. Gospel flip charts are a necessary tool for national missionaries to communicate the Gospel to those who can't read. Flip charts are like large colour picture books that illustrate the Gospel. Each flip chart costs $10.



How do you show a movie about Jesus in a rural village that doesn't have electricity? You bring your own! In addition to powering film teams, generators are also a key part of Bible colleges, church conventions and pastors' meetings. Help share the Gospel by giving a missionary a generator for only $1,800.

Equipped Missionary Vehicle


Fully equipped vehicle—complete with an Indian-made film on the life of Christ, an LCD projector, generator, mobile public address system, Gospel tracts, Bibles and flip charts—is $21,000.



A chance to read the Bible on their own is a gift that every national missionary wants to give the people they minister among. You can provide a missionary and the believers he disciples with Bibles and New Testaments.

Mobile Public Address System


Open-air meetings are one of the most common ways national missionaries proclaim the love of Christ in villages. With a mobile public address system, a missionary can be clearly heard by hundreds of villagers at once. You can give a mobile public address system for $350.

VBS Scholarships


Everyone loves a good story—especially one that's true and life-changing. Millions of children in Asia would love to hear the story of Jesus even once. For just $5, your gift of VBS materials for one of these precious children will guarantee that he or she will hear about Jesus' love again and again through skits, Bible songs and teaching. They will also have colourful Gospel literature to take home.

Winter Clothing Packet


What better present for a national missionary or family living in the cold mountain regions than warm winter clothing! Imagine a family's joy at opening a package that includes a warm jacket, sweater, shawl, blanket and, in certain regions, socks and gloves. For just $40, you can enable parents and missionaries to work throughout the winter while their families are protected from the cold.



Open-air meetings are one of the most common ways national missionaries proclaim the Gospel in villages. With a bullhorn, a missionary can be heard up to a mile away while keeping his voice from going hoarse.

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