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Missionary Shitala


I was born June 5, 1987, into a non-Christian family in India. My parents followed the customs of our forefathers and they worshipped numerous gods and goddesses.

My grandparents were orthodox non-Christians and they disliked the practice of any other religion at home.
When my sister went to school, she befriended many Christian girls and she came to know the Lord in her life.

One day, while I was going from my home to a different place, on the way I came across the church and heard a very good song sung by the believers. The song touched my heart and I went and shared this with my sister. At this time, she disclosed her secret and told me that she had found the hope of Christ in her life. Since then, she started to share the Word with me. At once, I fell on my knees and by confessing my sins I chose Jesus as my Lord.

During those days, I faced many problems and hardships. Yet, God was merciful to me and helped me stand firm in my faith. As days went by, I wanted to serve the Lord for the rest of my life. As I prayed to God to open a way for my future, He heard my prayer and confirmed me of His calling. I then enrolled in a Bible School.

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