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Missionary Pijush


I was born January 6, 1990, in a non-Christian family in India. Since childhood, I followed the footsteps of my parents and took part in all the rites and rituals of our religion.

As I grew up, my parents sent me to a government boarding School. Mingling with worldly friends in the School, I lost control over my life and wandered around aimlessly. The only aim that I had was to become rich.

It was during this time, my parents got the privilege to listen to the Word through some missionaries and they chose to trust in Christ. As days went by, seeing the changes of my parents, I was greatly surprised. I knew it was Jesus who filled their lives with joy. Soon, I too followed them to the church. As a result, God touched my heart and enabled me to understand the truth that there is no other God greater than Jesus. On being convicted of my sinful nature, I confessed my sins and chose to trust in Jesus.

As I spent time in God’s presence praying, God spoke to my heart to commit my life into His Mighty hands. Soon, the Lord extended His higher call for me to reach share His love. Through prayer, I was confirmed of my calling and I enrolled in a Bible School.

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