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Missionary Gautam


I was born in a non-Christian family in India. Being a part of this culture, I too worshiped a host of gods and goddesses and offered sacrifices to the idols.

Once, some missionaries came to our village to share the Good News among the villagers. They organized a prayer meeting in our neighbour’s house. Along with some other ladies of our village my mother too went to attend it. The powerful words that he shared touched the heart of my mother and she received Christ in her life.

She then started to share the Word with me and motivated me to attend church. When I saw her at peace, I too felt that there is some difference in her that kept her happy always after knowing the Lord. So along with my mom I too went to church. The messages that I heard there touched my heart to know the true and living God. At once, I confessed my sins and received Christ as my personal Saviour.

Gradually, a desire grew in my heart to share the everlasting love of Christ among the unreached. As I prayed to the Lord, I was confirmed of the heavenly call to serve Him. Soon I joined a Bible school.

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