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Missionary Daniel


I was born on May 6, 1985 into a nominal Christian family in Asia. Though we claimed to be a Christian family, we never visited the church nor attended prayer meetings.
When I began going to school, I got involved with bad friends. I spent much of my time with them, doing all kinds of evil things.
In spite of my waywardness, God gave me a friend who was a Christian. He kept on warning me that the way on which I was walking was wrong.
As he compelled me a lot, I once decided to attend his church. The preacher explained that through the blood of Christ our sins are forgiven. Greatly moved by his words, I chose to trust in Jesus and asked God to forgive my sinfulness.
Later, I made a public profession of my faith. As I started walking together with Christ, He confirmed my call as a pastor. Thus in order to become more effective, I enrolled myself in a training centre.

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