We are dedicated to impacting the life and faith of this generation.

If God is calling you to do something eternally significant with your life and help reach the most unreached for Christ, GFA World may be the place for you.

Serving with GFA is a calling, not an occupation.

Sending out national missionaries to help impoverished communities is only possible with support from GFA World’s home office staff. Each of us has heard the Lord’s call to join a community behind the scenes, ministering to both national missionaries in Asia, Africa and the Body of Christ worldwide. More than just a job, our service is a ministry that helps grow Christ’s kingdom.

“Being part of GFA World is such a great privilege. Knowing every day, every minute, every key stroke, is making a difference for God’s eternal kingdom fills me with tremendous joy and gratitude. There is such purpose to life, and there is no other place I would rather be.”

GFA Staff since 2003

Serving at GFA is work that makes a difference.

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Is GFA a good fit for me?

Consider serving with GFA if:


You are a Christian

We know and follow Jesus as the foundation of all we do—and it’s the uniting factor among the staff family.

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of Faith »


Have a passion to share Christ

We are committed to seeing communities across Asia discover the joy, hope and lasting peace we’ve found in Christ.

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Seek eternal investment

We invest God-given skills and abilities to make an eternal impact. More than a typical job, we follow God’s call to a life that changes lives.

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Believe prayer
is vital

We believe nothing is accomplished without prayer. We invest significant time praying together for our work, for the mission field and for the world.

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Desire Christ-centered community

Our families and staff members form a caring and supportive community—praying, serving and growing in Christ together.

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Support Raising

GFA is firmly committed to good stewardship of the funds entrusted to us by our friends and donors. Home office members and staff seek to raise their own financial support, which helps cover salary and benefits.

Support levels are adequate to live modestly in the Stoney Creek, Ontario area and are determined by need and family size.

You’ll be given training and materials to facilitate support-raising, and GFA mentor will walk alongside you through the entire process.

A Message from our Founder, K.P. Yohannan

“You can commit your life to touch the lives of multiplied millions in this world by giving your life for prayer and working behind the scenes. That’s what GFA’s staff is doing, both in America and many nations. So, may I urge you to consider giving your life as a missionary behind the scenes along with GFA’s staff? You have an incredible opportunity waiting for you to invest your life for eternity.”

K.P. Yohannan

Have questions or want more information? Contact us at [email protected].

Hear from our Team

“I count it a privilege to serve at GFA World with brothers and sisters that believe that the "Great Commission" can be finished in our generation! I was a successful farmer in MB, however I now have more peace and joy knowing that thousands are being added to the church because of my small life! The Lord commands us to lay up treasures in heaven and that is just what you do when you serve at GFA World.”
—Harv, GFA staff since 2011

“I have served full-time with GFA World since 2008. In these years I have experienced greater growth in my Christian walk than in all the previous years! I feel so privileged to serve our brothers and sisters in Asia as they bring the Good News to untold millions.”
—Iris, GFA staff since 2008

“I have wanted to serve the Lord here at GFA ever since I had the opportunity to go see the work that the Lord is doing on the field. It was very hard to see the lost people living and dying without the hope that Jesus brings. That's why I have joined GFA staff, so I can help send out national missionaries to their own people.”
—Dylan, GFA staff since 2014

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