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God's Recruiting

God is looking for people whom He can recruit to do His work, people who will be obedient to His call. Moses, at the burning bush, asked God to send anyone but him to deliver Israel from slavery to Egypt. Jesus, on the other hand, volunteered to deliver us from slavery to sin. Will you step up and see yourself as “the solution”?

It's Going to Be Worth It, Part 1

In this four-part series, Gisela Yohannan talks about what it means to “share in the sufferings of Christ.” Here, in part one, we see some of the reasons we face suffering and the glory that comes through suffering for Christ.

It's Going to Be Worth It, Part 2

In part two of this series, we learn how total obedience to God results in the presence and glory of God remaining with us.

It's Going to Be Worth It, Part 3

Continuing in this series on suffering with Christ, Gisela Yohannan encourages us to stay fervent in our love for one another, denying self and giving up our own preferences and desires for the sake of others.

It's Going to Be Worth It, Part 4

In the final part of this series on suffering, we see the difference hope can make in being able to endure suffering, and discover how we can be an agent of hope to those who are suffering with Christ.

Magnificent Obsession

Jesus offers us the opportunity to share in His sufferings so we may enjoy the privilege of knowing Him more closely. Will we let this be our magnificent obsession?

Significance to God

Our lives are but a vapor; we are nothing more than a blade of grass, yet Jesus gave His life for us. Despite our insufficiency, God has raised us up to significance, so we might serve Him.

Standing on His Promises, Part 1

To begin this four-part series about God’s promises, Gisela Yohannan shares her testimony and talks about how we must first get to know the Lord in order to truly receive His promises.

Standing on His Promises, Part 2

In this second message, we learn every promise in God’s Word is for us, and His promises are always greater than our problems and struggles.

Standing on His Promises, Part 3

Continuing this series on God’s promises, Gisela Yohannan talks to us about faith and its role in inheriting His promises. We cannot expect to receive anything from the Lord without believing, through faith, that we will receive it.

Standing on His Promises, Part 4

Concluding this series, we learn that often times, God requires us to be patient in receiving His promises. He wants us to learn to wait for His timing, that we might become more and more like Jesus.

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Gisela Yohannan

Gisela Yohannan serves the Lord along with her husband, K.P. Yohannan, who is the Founder of GFA World. Gisela has ministered to thousands of Christian workers in many counties. She is the author of four well-known books: Broken for a Purpose, Consider Your Call, Dear Sister and Let Me Walk with You. Gisela's life and commitment to the Lord are a challenge and encouragement to many.

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