Vimal's Story:
A Jesus Well Was the Answer to Their Clean Water Crisis

What would you do if the water to your house was cut off for three months? For many families from Vimal's village, this was the norm for three months every year. Before a Jesus Well was dug in their village, women and children had to walk three hours round trip to get several buckets of water, often taking four or five trips to the well every day.

“This area is very dry,” Pastor Bharit shared. “People suffer because of a lack of sufficient water.”

The scarcity of clean water caused illnesses for many of the villagers, too. A young boy around 5 years old developed severe diarrhea because of the contaminated water. Not having a hospital close by, the family had to wait until the next morning to see a doctor. The boy was too sick, and the doctors were not able to help him. He passed away.

When Pastor Bharit began ministering in Vimal’s village, he started by praying for people and sharing God’s love. He knew the troubles of this community intimately because he grew up there.

Vimal became the first in his village to join Pastor Bharit in worship and prayer. As Vimal’s heart for the Lord grew, so did his burden for his community. He began asking God to provide good, clean drinking water for the village. As Pastor Bharit’s congregation grew, they joined Vimal in praying for abundant, safe water, trusting God to take care of them in their crisis. And God answered their prayers!

“Because of this Jesus Well we are helped so much. My family doesn't have to walk a far distance … Now the time [spent] fetching water can be invested in any other work,” says Vimal.

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