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Missionary Sukanta


I was born on February 16, 1983 into a believers’ family in Asia. My mom and dad had great reverence for the Lord. But I did not live up to their expectations. I wallowed in worldly pleasures and moved away from God.
Pastors taught me how to draw closer to God, but I paid no attention. Instead I brought trouble to my family and church. And life began to uncover its harsh realities to me. I faced difficulties and struggled to live peacefully. With frustration, I began to feel helpless without the help of God. Then I attended a Christian youth meeting and the Lord spoke very clearly to me. With a penitent heart I went to the Lord in prayer. That night I trusted in Jesus. From then on I began to experience the peace of God.
Later my desire to share the love of God to those who had not yet heard grew strong in my heart. Soon, the Lord called me and opened doors for me to join a Bible School.

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