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About Revolution In World Missions
Step into the story of missionary statesman Dr. K.P. Yohannan and experience the world through his eyes—from the villages of India to the shores of Europe and North America. Watch out: His passion is contagious!

What people are saying:

"Hearing an analysis of North American Christianity from a two-thirds world perspective really struck me. God used that to stir my heart, showing me that no matter where we live in this world, all Christians must apply themselves to the selfless expectations of the Gospel of Christ."
Shelly and Joshua N., Qu’appelle, Saskatchewan

"Your book stirred me to tears and drove me to prayer!"
J.S., Towson, Maryland

"After a month or so on my book shelf, I finally read it, and true to it's name, it has totally revamped not only how I feel about missions, but how I feel about church & tithing in general."
Jason B., Drumheller, Alberta

"I have just read Revolution in World Missions. This book greatly ministered to me and stirred me in a way no book has ever done. How can we order more copies?"
Pastor J.P., Lakeside, Oregon.

"I have read Revolution in World Missions twice, and now I am more convinced than ever that investing in national missionaries and [the Child Sponsorship program] will yield better returns than silver and gold. Thank you for waking me up, Brother K.P."
Mr. K. G., Calgary, Alberta

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