Uttar Pradesh, India

"The Rainbow Land"

Known as “The Rainbow Land” because of its vast array of colors and cultures, Uttar Pradesh has the largest population of any state in India. Home to the famed Taj Mahal, this area is a world-renowned tourist destination.

Daily Life

The people primarily work in agriculture, raising crops like sugarcane, wheat, rice, fruits and vegetables. Other important industries include textiles, paper and leather goods. More recently, Uttar Pradesh is becoming a center for the Information Technology sector.

Struggles Remain

In spite of the progress, many people in Uttar Pradesh face insurmountable struggles. Those who live in the cities contend with overcrowding and massive pollution. Those in the rural villages lack basic infrastructure and electricity. The state has few health care facilities, so illnesses, especially waterborne diseases are rampant, and polio outbreaks still occur in some areas.

The single-largest people group in Uttar Pradesh is the Chamar, who are Dalits (“Untouchables”). Their low-caste status means that there is very little attention paid to their urgent needs.


Uttar Pradesh
At A Glance: Uttar Pradesh
Size 93,000 sq. mi.
Capital City Lucknow
Population 203 million
613 People groups
  • 81% Hindu
  • 19% Muslim
  • Less than 1% Christian
  • Less than 1% Other
44% are illiterate
33% are below the poverty line

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