Himachal Pradesh, India

"Land of the Snowy Mountains"

Geography and Climate

Dubbed the “Land of the Snowy Mountains,” Himachal Pradesh is an oasis of mountain peaks, valleys, springs and streams. Khajjiar, a lush hill station surrounded by forests, is known as a “mini Switzerland” for its similar landscape.

The mountains in Himachal Pradesh are beautiful but make travel tedious, and people must hike up rugged, dangerous terrain—sometimes for days—to reach tucked-away villages.

Temperatures drop very low during the winter months, and people have to brave the cold and in many cases even climb steep mountains to get around.

The People

Hailed as the “apple state of India,” Himachal Pradesh is famous for its orchards, so it’s not surprising that about 70 percent of its people are involved in agriculture. They also grow ginger, potatoes, wheat, corn, rice, mushrooms, olives and figs.

Traditionally, the people there have a love for singing and dancing. The Nati is a popular folk dance used both to celebrate the harvest and usher in the new year.

The state is also home to nomadic shepherds, who travel from place to place with their goats and sheep. Wool is produced from these animals.


Himachal Pradesh
At A Glance: Himachal Pradesh
Size 22,000 sq. mi.
Capital City Shimla
Population 7.0 million
358 People groups
  • 95% Hindu
  • 2% Muslim
  • Less than 1% Christian
  • 2% Other
24% are illiterate
10% are below the poverty line

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