A landlocked republic, this “land of a thousand hills” is home to an estimated 12.9 million people. Four different countries call Rwanda their neighbor: Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Rwanda’s elevation causes temperatures to generally remain mild. The capital, Kigali, averages 70 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. Twice a year, rainy seasons sweep through the country, with the capital averaging 45 inches of rain a year.

Rwanda’s economy is largely dependent on agriculture. The most prominent crops include dry beans, sorghum, bananas, corn, potatoes and sweet potatoes. Additional economic ventures include various mining operations, which produce tin, tantalite and gold. These minerals are among Rwanda’s primary exports, joining coffee and tea.

At A Glance: Rwanda
Size 10,169 sq. mi.
Capital City Kigali
Population 13 million
  • 89 % Christian
  • 2% Muslim
27% are illiterate
38% are below the poverty line

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