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GFA's Discipleship Program has a clear focus: forming the nature of Jesus in the lives of young people. Disciples learn and grow not just through lessons but through a year of immersion within GFA’s Home Office. They attend lessons and study curriculum focused on spiritual growth as they work alongside their class facilitators. This creates a unique environment for disciples to deepen their relationship with Christ, as they study and learn from the examples set before them.

GFA's Discipleship Program is not an accredited college, traditional school, or internship, but rather, a year to experience Jesus like never before.

Here is a sample of subjects disciples cover in lessons:

  • 1. Core Values

    The ten Core Values of GFA give disciples the basis in understanding the culture of GFA. Also they give them direction for the rest of the year and guidance for their personal life. The first five Core Values, deal with the inner life and the next five, with the outer life. These are the basis and context where all other lessons the disciples will study make sense.

  • 2. Outreach

    Through outreach our desire is to share God’s story in our local community in partnership with the church by providing opportunities which enhance and optimize spiritual, emotional and personal lives with the love of Christ. These exercises have been designed to equip you to begin a lifelong journey of knowing, living, and sharing God’s story.

  • 3. The Calvary Road

    As disciples learn who they are in Christ they will learn to love and serve Him more. As they learn brokenness they will see it as an opportunity to grow in all areas of their life and to become more like Jesus.

  • 4. Against the Wind

    Having practical and tangible applications of what to do and how to develop disciplines based on 2 Timothy will help the disciples know how to develop godly habits that will carry them through the year and the rest of their life. All of this is based on the fact that they are to love Christ above all else.

  • 5. True Discipleship

    With practical tangible applications and disciplines, there is still a need to develop an inner life of the correct attitude towards making hard choices to follow the Lord. But with the heart to love the Lord this will be a joy not a burden.

  • 6. Why Grace Changes Everything

    From his own life Pastor Chuck Smith unfolds the mystery of grace and reveals a surprising truth: we can never grow in grace by our own efforts. True grace flows from the heart of the Father through the love of Jesus Christ.

  • 7. How to Pray

    Along with all the times of prayer this very practical book by R.A. Torrey will help the disciples to know how to keep their prayer lives going strong after they graduate.

  • 8. Protecting God’s Calling

    No matter what the disciples decide to do after graduation—joining GFA as members, go to serve some other place or go to college they need the encouragement to keep what they learned close to their hearts and never let go.

  • 9. End of the Year – The Last Things

    A reminder of the main things they learned during the year—that it’s all about Jesus, servanthood, discipline and choosing to follow the Lord no matter what.

  • 10. The Bible from 30,000 Feet

    Disciples study through 65 teachings from Pastor Skip Heitzig of Calvary of Albuquerque covering the highlights of the Bible from Genesis through Revelation. This gives disciples a great overview of the Old and New Testaments.