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July 26, 2022

Healed from COVID, Mom Finds Peace

Woman in line during COVID-19.
Like Liya, this woman faced an uncertain furture amidst the COVID-19 pandmeic.

Fear surged through Liya’s mind when she received the result of her COVID-19 test: positive. She had heard of many people dying of COVID-19. What if she died? What would happen to her children? Who would look after them? Would they get sick too?

She got medicine and isolated for a few weeks, which put a huge financial strain on the family. But even after that, she was still unwell. Confusion and anxiety clouded her mind. She cried out to her gods for healing, but she felt depressed and fearful.

Then one of Liya’s relatives, who attends the church led by GFA pastor Paavo, told the pastor about Liya’s health condition and her stress. Pastor Paavo visited Liya one day and prayed for her. A few days later, he called to check up on her and prayed for her again.

After some time, Liya tested negative for COVID-19 and began to feel better. She testified that the Lord had healed her and given her a second chance at life. And she expressed thanks for Pastor Paavo’s encouragement, prayers and support.

Amazed by the healing after so many weeks of ill health, Liya and her husband both chose to follow Jesus. They started joining Pastor Paavo’s congregation for worship services each Sunday and publicly declared their new faith.

“After being tested positive for COVID-19, I was so scared to hear [about] the people dying with the same,” Liya said. “And I was so troubled thinking about my children. But I was comforted by the encouraging words of the pastor, and I am healed completely through the prayers. In those days, I experienced the love of God in my life.”

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