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April 18, 2022

One Diocese Helps Nearly 1,500 People

Food kits.
Food kits ready for distribution
Group of people listen to a GFA missionary.
GFA missionaries and churches in one region distributed food to nearly 1,500 people in need.

In one Asian region, GFA churches celebrated their nation’s independence in a unique way last year: by relieving people from hunger. Through numerous distribution programs, 42 churches led by GFA pastors helped 1,480 people in need with food, face masks and encouragement.

One distribution was held in a slum, where most residents are daily wage labourers who typically earn a living selling fiber items. They had been unable to work, however, because of the pandemic-related lockdown. These families received food kits containing rice, beans, oil, salt and spices, and they received hope. GFA pastor Yaron encouraged the people from God’s Word and prayed over them. Women’s Fellowship leader Valena also offered words of inspiration, as well as practical tips on health care and COVID-19 awareness.

Laini, a 35-year-old mother of three, gratefully received a food kit.

“We were facing so many difficulties due to the lockdown,” Laini said. “We were unable to go to work. Thank you for giving us food items.”

Provision for Laborers Unable to Work

Woman smiling while walking with a food pack on her back.
Woman joyfully carries home provisions from a GFA distribution.

Elsewhere in Asia, GFA pastor Bayden initiated a distribution for the needy people in his community. Dependent on daily wage jobs, these families have had no source of income during the pandemic. As a result, they have faced starvation and struggled to survive.

Pastor Bayden compassionately provided these families with essentials such as rice, oil, salt and soap. The items filled recipients’ hearts with joy.

“I thank [the church] for the kind help,” said Hyatt, a food recipient. “I work as a daily wage earner to buy essential items. But this COVID-19 lockdown has prevented me from earning a daily wage. I was so depressed and worried, thinking, ‘How am I going to provide for my family's needs?’”

Ragan, another recipient, also responded to the gifts with thanksgiving.

“I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Believers Eastern Church for showing compassion towards us and providing a package of rice, oil, soap, and salt,” Ragan said.

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