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February 21, 2022

GFA Workers Respond to Dual Threat of Disease

This elderly woman received a hygiene kit from GFA missionaries to help protect her health.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, people in some areas have faced a dual threat of disease. Already threatened by the coronavirus and its spread, they soon faced another health risk as the flooding of the rainy season brought an all-too-familiar adversary: the mosquito and the dangerous diseases it can carry.

Staff from GFA World’s Child Sponsorship Program in one area recognized the buzzing threat and ensuing battle people in the community faced. In response, they organized a distribution—which included mosquito nets, sanitizer, soap and face masks—to help local children and families in need protect themselves from these diseases.

Local policemen, including assistant sub-inspector Rainer, participated in the distribution program, and the children joyfully received the much-needed items. Now these children, many of whom have learned about proper hygiene through the sponsorship program, have tools to protect themselves from both the coronavirus and vector-borne diseases.

Pastor Distributes Care

Assistant sub-inspector Rainer hands a local child hygiene kit, a mosquito net and face masks.

Elsewhere in the country, news of the pervasive spread of COVID-19 in Pastor Cabot’s community concerned the GFA missionary. Among those most vulnerable and most affected were poor daily wage labourers, the very “least of these” he served. Pastor Cabot thought of those in the village he knew personally who had been affected. As worry grew in his heart, so did compassion, which compelled him to act.

To help prevent further infections, Pastor Cabot arranged for more than 70 individuals suffering from the virus to receive face masks, soap and sanitizer. Recipients were grateful for the pastor’s love and care toward them.

“I am extremely thankful to you for the love and care towards us,” Remo, one recipient, told Pastor Cabot. “The things which we received seem small, but the love you showed towards us is great.”

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