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January 31, 2022

Aid for Marginalized People Group

Woman joyfully receives food from Pastor Meshach.

Semi-nomadic forest dwellers, the group of indigenous people was disadvantaged and marginalized. Many of them lacked even basic public services such as electricity, health care and education. GFA missionaries had established a school in the village to help educate their children, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, the people faced new challenges as they struggled to feed their families.

Yearning once again to help these people, GFA missionaries coordinated a food distribution for them. Each food kit contained rice, oil, salt and soap.

“The ministry of [the church] is to show love, help and compassion to the suffering, poor and needy people,” GFA pastor Meshach told those gathered. “The Lord Christ has taught us to do so. Therefore, we have come to you with these items. Accept these items as the love of our ministry as well as the love of Christ.”

Mr. Odis, a local government representative, participated in the distribution and thanked the GFA missionaries for their exemplary service among the poor and needy in their community. The 92 families who benefited from the distribution received the food with great joy and gratitude.

Samone and her husband own no land, and her husband’s income barely met their needs even before the pandemic. With the onset of COVID-19, their financial situation plummeted.

GFA pastor Meshach assures food recipients of the church’s love and care.

“My husband became jobless and was unable to provide for our daily needs,” Samone said. “We were so worried about our lives. … Today, [the church] has added happiness to our life by providing enough rations. Thank you so much!”

Rees, another recipient, shared how the pain of their disadvantaged people group has intensified with the pandemic.

“Happiness is never found in us or written in our destiny. We are always plagued by problems,” Rees said. “Even now we are in need of help because we don't have a source of income. We don't have land to cultivate crops. … It hurts when I think of our pain. I thank [the church] leaders for concerning our lives and coming here with rations. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart.”

GFA missionaries often seek out those marginalized by society, like this indigenous people group, helping those in greatest need and serving in areas where no one else is serving.

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