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December 21, 2021

Christ’s Love Demonstrated at Christmas

Group receives much-needed rations from GFA missionaries after a Christmas program.

Christmas is a time of celebrating Christ’s birth and the greatest Gift of all. In the midst of a pandemic, when so many in Asia have been out of work and struggling to survive, impoverished people in the areas GFA World serves have had little reason to celebrate. But GFA churches continue to rejoice in Christ’s love and demonstrate it through compassionate, practical gifts.

Last year, in one region, extreme temperatures made it challenging for individuals to attend Christmas celebrations at the church, but many braved the cold to do so. The program, led by GFA pastor Pieter, included Christmas hymns and a Christmas message about Jesus Immanuel—“God with us”—and Jesus Messiah—“He is the Redeemer.” Participants were greatly blessed and encouraged by Pastor Pieter’s message.

The Christmas program was followed by a practical demonstration of Christ’s love. In a time of great need, the church distributed dry ration kits containing rice, dal, sugar and cooking oil, bringing much joy to the recipients.

Makato, a food recipient, is the father of three young children. When the factory where he worked shut down because of the pandemic, he lost his ability to earn a living.

“I am struggling a lot to fulfill the needs of my family,” said Makato. “In such a situation, I have received this ration kit, and I am extremely happy about it. My wife, too, will be very happy. Thank you so much for being thoughtful and providing the groceries to me and my family.”

Bana also received a food kit. She is an elderly widow with no one to care for her. Instead, she relies on domestic work, cleaning other people’s houses, to earn a living but had recently been unable to do so due to infirmity. The food brought much joy to her heart.

“During the winters, I am unable to go to houses for work due to joint pain. This is a huge help for me, and I am grateful to you for this help.”

GFA pastor Pieter prays over his congregation during a Christmas program.

Jahson, a local bank manager, was a special guest at the event. He was greatly inspired by the service and joined in distributing the food.

“It is truly a Christmas gift given to these needy people,” Jahson said. “The church always looks forward to helping the neediest people in the society, and I really applaud them for such compassionate work.”

Many other churches in the area celebrated Christmas with similar programs. Messages of Christ’s hope and peace, which nourished and refreshed souls, were followed by the giving of physical food, which nourished and revived bodies, offering evidence of Christ’s love and care for people’s every need.

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