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December 17, 2021

Small Hands Offer Big Help

A Sunday School group prays over food packets before distributing them.

In response to people’s critical need in the wake of the pandemic, entire congregations led by GFA pastors have participated in providing relief to their neighbors. In one area, the Sunday School department of the local church took initiative to provide groceries and fresh meals to those in need. Several children participated in the effort, and they were happy to do so.

“Today I got a privilege to go out and distribute food packets among the needy people in the community,” said Galina, a student. “I felt sad to see the people, especially little children, waiting to receive food. I thank God for helping me to be part of the food distribution program.”

Another student, Hadyn, was anxious to help.

“I was waiting for my turn to go out and distribute food to the needy and hungry people,” Hadyn said. “Today I got the privilege to go and distribute a few food packets to needy children. I am thankful to Almighty God.”

The group sought out the underprivileged and outcasts of society. Approximately 50 people in need gratefully received food packets from the Sunday School team. GFA pastor Takumi assured recipients of the church’s care and help in this difficult time.

Following Examples of Service

Bishop Samuel Mor Theophilus prays over the group of Sunday School children.

These children are following the example of their leaders, such as Pastor Takumi, and gleaning from an attitude of compassionate service prevalent among the body of believers in areas where GFA serves. These believers are generously offering aid to neighbors in need. GFA pastor Sanchez led relief efforts in another area.

“We understand your struggle and want to help you and share God’s love with you during these difficult times,” Pastor Sanchez told recipients. “Though we do not have much to give, whatever we have, we want to give to the poor and needy to bring relief in their life, and thus glorify the name of the Lord.”

The group led by Pastor Sanchez distributed rice, beans, oil, potatoes and onions to 40 people in need. They even hand-delivered food kits to the homes of people physically unable to attend the distribution. All beneficiaries expressed joy and gratitude for the church’s thoughtfulness.

“We are finding it difficult to meet our daily needs in these difficult times,” said Penina. “We are very happy to see you coming to our village with food items.”

GFA pastor Sanchez distributes food to the needy.

For Parys, the distribution was evidence of God’s providence.

“Though everything is closed here, God has not forsaken us and has opened a way for us,” Parys said. “It is very kind of you to visit us and provide us the ration and vegetables.”

Regardless of age, believers in the areas GFA serves are offering helping hands and spreading hope to their communities.

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