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November 19, 2021

Women’s Fellowship Honors 400 Widows on International Widows Day

Widows, who are often marginalized and rejected by society and even by their families in areas where GFA missionaries serve, have suffered much during the pandemic. In honor of International Widows Day, the Women’s Fellowship in one GFA region took initiative to help needy widows in their communities. Altogether, 400 widows received help.

At one distribution, Women’s Fellowship leader Neema encouraged widows from God’s Word before giving each participant a sari, a traditional Asian dress. GFA pastor Lamarr also participated in the program and prayed over the widows.

Left: These poor widows, among others, received saris on International Widows Day.
Right: Widows in need receive much-needed food kits.

In other areas, Women’s Fellowship teams gave widows shawls, mosquito nets, food, sandals or vessels. These needed items helped the widows and showed them Christ’s love and care. Recipients were happy and grateful to receive these gifts.

Batya, a 60-year-old widow, received a food kit.

“I am happy for today’s Widows’ Day program,” Batya said. “You helped those who are helpless. I have no one to care for me. Thank you for this dry ration kit.”

Fresh Meals for Women in Need

In another area, members of a GFA Women’s Fellowship sought out poor women in need, such as daily wage laborers and widows, to provide fresh meals for the hungry. The distribution also included children, some of whom were eager to fill their empty bellies.

Because of the surge in job loss, many people have struggled to find work; some, out of desperation, sit by the road waiting for passersby to help them. The food packets filled recipients with joy, and they offered heartfelt thanks in response.

Ulla is a 60-year-old widow. Her age prevents her from doing any hard work, even if it’s available.

A GFA team prepares fresh meals for women and children.

“I was really starving, and there is no one to take care of me or provide me food,” Ulla said. “I thank the team that has come from the church for providing a delicious meal to me.”

Kaelynn, another food recipient, is a daily wage laborer with four children. Her husband is unable to work because of health issues, leaving her to provide for their family.

“Due to the pandemic, I lost my work and have been going after people asking for work so that I can feed my children,” Kaelynn said. “I thank the church leaders for reaching out to us when my family was really in need. They gave us enough food for all of us.”

GFA missionaries and pastors and people in their churches, including Women’s Fellowship members, have provided people in surrounding communities with much-needed relief during the pandemic. Often seeking out the marginalized and those in most need, these believers have shown the tangible love of Christ to people frequently overlooked by society.

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