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October 28, 2021

Elderly Widow Travels for Food

Bryssa’s food had run out yet again. Her medicine was gone as well. Despair began to grip the elderly widow’s heart as she wondered what to do.

A Widow’s Struggle

After the death of her husband 10 years prior, Bryssa had begun working as a domestic helper to provide for her household. She later bore the responsibility of arranging marriages for her daughter and son. Now that they were in homes of their own, Bryssa lived alone in a small house built by her late husband.

Aaron gives provisions to an elderly woman.
GFA pastor Pieter’s son, Aaron, gives provisions to Bryssa, an elderly woman in desperate need.

At 55 years old, Bryssa’s aging body developed thyroid issues and high blood pressure, which required regular medication. Bryssa’s son sometimes helped financially, but his daily wage job offered little surplus. For the most part, Bryssa struggled alone to earn enough income to cover her medicine and food.

Then in March 2020, Bryssa’s area shut down in response to COVID-19. She could no longer work, and her situation grew dire.

She quickly ran out of food and medicine. Tears flowed down her face in anguish.

Bryssa’s son had also lost work. He was powerless to help her.

The government offered some food items and, with this aid, Bryssa managed her needs for another month. But as these resources depleted, Bryssa’s distress returned.

Compassionate Help from Strangers

Hope came in the form of news: There was a GFA World regional office distributing dry food items to those in need. The office was 45 minutes away, but Bryssa was desperate. She fought through her hunger, poor health and weariness to walk to the church’s office.

GFA pastor Pieter welcomed Bryssa, listening to her needs and offering some food and water to refresh her tired body. After Bryssa had time to rest, Pastor Pieter’s son, Aaron, gave her a large bag of rice along with some money to buy more medicine. These items filled Bryssa’s heart with gratitude as she left for her home.

When Bryssa returned a second time, Pastor Pieter again welcomed her and provided further assistance. He and his wife also prayed for Bryssa and offered encouragement for her soul. Their compassion has deeply touched Bryssa’s heart. She is wholeheartedly thankful for the provision in her time of need.

“I have found a place in which I am comforted deeply,” Bryssa said. “Although I have my own people, they could not help me at this time of trouble, but from the unfamiliar persons my needs are being fulfilled.”

Bryssa continues to visit Pastor Pieter and his wife, who continue to impact her life with christlike compassion.

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