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October 20, 2021

Health Protection for the Vulnerable

Through three distribution events, GFA pastors and churches in one diocese gave away 450 hygiene kits to community members in need. As the region battled a second wave of COVID-19, many were left vulnerable and ill-equipped to protect themselves from the virus. The hygiene kits included soap, masks and hand sanitizer.

GFA workers pray for the success of the distribution led by Pastor Josiah, which aided frontline workers and others in the community.

One distribution event was organized at a local police station, where GFA pastor Kalin assured the police force, who have also been concerned about the pandemic situation, of the church’s care and support in this crucial time. Police officers, such as Pallas, have had to work extra hours during the pandemic.

“I was in need of a hand sanitizer and a good mask for my family, which I was unable to buy due to my shift duties,” Pallas said. “I thank the [church] leaders for giving this hygiene kit to me.”

The distribution benefited others in the community as well.

“I work as a daily wage laborer to make ends meet, but I feared going out in this pandemic situation,” said Kammie. “I really needed good masks for my children. Due to lockdown, all the shops are closed, but the church leaders came at the right time and gave me the hygiene items. Everything in this kit is useful for us in this time of pandemic. I am truly grateful to the church leaders for their concern for us.”

GFA workers assured police officers of their support and provided hygiene kits for them and others in the community.

At another event, GFA pastor Silvan encouraged people from God’s Word, assuring them of God’s love and care for those in need. Recipients expressed great joy and gratitude at receiving such needed items in the midst of the pandemic.

“I am thankful to the leaders of the church for reaching out to us in time,” said Vali, a recipient. “My family was in need of the hygiene kit, and everything in the kit is useful for us in these [pandemic] times.”

As part of the distribution led by Pastor Josiah, GFA workers prepare to deliver hygiene kits by motorbike.

GFA pastor Josiah encouraged recipients at a later event. Recipients included frontline workers, such as police officers and nurses, who were thankful for the helpful items.

“I have to attend to coronavirus patients every day,” said Jadie, a nurse who received a hygiene kit. “I have to sanitize my hands each minute. I am extremely happy and thankful to the church leaders for reaching out to us, risking their life in this pandemic situation.”

Through these hygiene kits, believers showed Christ’s love to those in need and assured them of the church’s care and concern.

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