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September 23, 2021

Pastor Shows Love to a Weary Traveler

Marik had traveled to a different region in search of opportunity. He needed some way to provide for his family. Soon, he found employment among the throngs of other migrant workers in industries such as construction, factories, domestic work, textiles, brick kilns, transport and agriculture. Though migrant workers were often denied things like housing, public health facilities, drinking water or education, at least Marik had a source of income.

Marik, a migrant worker helped by GFA pastor Kiba.
GFA pastor Kiba helped Marik, a migrant worker, on his journey home after he suddenly lost his job.

Then a pandemic-induced lockdown occurred. The private factory where Marik worked abruptly closed without paying his wages. Suddenly, thousands of migrant workers like Marik were stranded, away from home, without work. They and their families faced hunger, disease and other hardships.

When they were able to travel, Marik joined the crowds returning thousands of miles home by foot. His energy and resources, however, were quickly depleted. Desperate, he began asking others for help.

Go to the church led by GFA pastor Kiba, someone told him. There, he’d get help.

Pastor Kiba welcomed Marik with open arms, offering him water and compassionately inquiring about his circumstance. As Pastor Kiba spoke to Marik, he was reminded of Scripture, particularly Matthew 25:35—“I was a stranger and you took me in”—and the parable of the Good Samaritan, who helped a suffering traveler and illustrated how to love your neighbor as yourself.

Inspired to show christlike love, Pastor Kiba gathered some church members and their support. They gave Marik money to help him on his journey home to his family and prayed God’s blessings upon him. In this way, Pastor Kiba and the other believers lived out their faith by showing tangible love to a weary traveler in need.

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