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July 12, 2021

Notebooks, Rations Bring Ray of Hope

In some areas GFA World serves, schools have reopened, but with resources depleted from the pandemic, many students have been unable to obtain the school supplies necessary to effectively resume their education. In one region of South Asia, GFA workers held three programs to distribute food rations and notebooks to children in GFA’s child sponsorship program. Approximately 220 children benefited from the distributions.

“[GFA] always has the helping hand to help the vulnerable communities and needy children,” said GFA worker Laini. “We think to be useful to the larger community in their very need.”

For the distributions, GFA workers partnered with local government leaders, who were honored guests at the programs.

“[GFA] is carrying out such a beautiful distribution program . . . to keep the children’s spirit up during these tough times,” said Dr. Padraic, one of the chief guests. “[The church] is establishing a war room for COVID-19 relief by providing dry rations . . . which are very helpful to the needy families, especially the vulnerable who are being left without an income in this crisis.”

Left: A student receives food rations from GFA pastor Uriyah, who said he is proud of GFA staff “for working so hard during this pandemic to help the needy children and families in every possible way.”
Right: GFA pastor Gatlyn gives student notebooks to further her education.

The students were extremely grateful to receive the food and set of notebooks.

Raisa has been in GFA’s child sponsorship program for 12 years.

“In this pandemic, we were struggling financially,” Raisa said. “We do not have any idea how to go about the situation. But we have received ration kits and notebooks from [the sponsorship program]. Really, these are the most needed things for us. It brought comfort and strength in knowing that we are not alone.”

With classes resuming, 10th grader Maika had asked her parents for notebooks, but they had been unable to provide them.

“The notebooks distribution has been a ray of hope for my family during this critical pandemic time,” Maika said.

GFA worker Laini cited the distribution as part of GFA World’s legacy.

“[K.P. Yohannan] wants to make a difference . . . with a focus towards supporting relief operations during and after the pandemic to provide immediate food security and education essentials to underprivileged and vulnerable groups,” Laini said. “[GFA World] has a rich legacy of being responsive to humanitarian crises, doing these initiatives in various parts of the country. [We] hope to make a difference to the vulnerable . . . and hope they overcome these unprecedented circumstances.”

In this case, that compassionate response took on the form of food and notebooks, which will help these students and their families overcome their present challenges.

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