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June 25, 2021

Timely Aid in Wake of Flood

In one coastal region where GFA World serves, heavy rains following a “rain-filled” cyclone in mid-November inundated the area. Thousands of houses flooded; hundreds of people were displaced as they sought shelter from the rising water. Several people lost their lives from flood-related incidents.

Many in the region were already struggling to provide for their families because of the pandemic. The flooding further disrupted their livelihoods, making it even more difficult to earn an income.

Macaria is a widow and mother of two.

“I have to go for work every day to feed [my children],” Macaria said, “but due to the continuous rains, I was unable to go and was struggling to provide food for my children.”

Karmello has been unable to work since the beginning of the pandemic.

Karmello, a flood victim, happily receives a ration kit.

“All the work has been stopped, and it is very difficult to get any work,” Karmello said. “My wife was worried, thinking about the situation and how to survive without a job.”

GFA workers in the area took the initiative to distribute food and other items to help those in need, assuring them of God’s love and concern as well as their own. Approximately 150 families received dry ration kits, which filled recipients with joy and gratitude for the timely aid.

“I am grateful to the church leaders for helping me in the time of need,” said Vivi, a food recipient. “I stay alone in a hut, but due to heavy rains, the flood entered my hut and spoiled the little food I had stored for myself. I am happy to receive the ration kit, and now I have enough food to eat. I am very thankful to everyone.”

Savian has been unable to provide for his household of 14, which includes his disabled mother.

“Due to heavy rains, I was unable to go to work, and I lost my household things,” Savian said. “I was totally discouraged and was struggling a lot to provide a one-time meal for my family. I am thankful to the leaders of the church for coming and providing help to us at the right time.”

In the wake of these heavy rains that exasperated people’s struggle for survival, GFA workers responded with compassionate, timely aid, once again acting as the “hands and feet” of Christ in times of crisis.

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