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June 11, 2021

GFA Workers Distribute 450 Hygiene Kits to People Affected by Flooding

GFA workers continue to show Christ’s love as they respond to needs related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many families are struggling to survive and cannot afford the health-related items recommended by authorities to help stop the virus’ spread. They have no way to protect themselves and their family’s health. For some, their difficulties have been compounded by natural disasters, such as flooding. Seeing this need, GFA workers have responded with practical aid.

In one region, GFA workers distributed 450 hygiene kits to families in need. Kits included hand sanitizer, soap and masks to help protect individuals from the virus. Beneficiaries gratefully received the much-needed items.

Left: GFA worker Topher gives hygiene kit to a poor woman.
Right: A widow happily receives a hygiene kit.

“I am thankful to [church leaders] for their efforts to come to us with help despite the coronavirus pandemic,” Samari said. “I had thought of purchasing hand sanitizer and a good mask many times, but I could not afford to buy them. I am grateful to the church leaders for coming at the right time and providing me such useful items.”

After days of heavy rain following a cyclone that impacted their region, families suffered the effects of flooding in addition to their concerns regarding the pandemic. Walking through residual water that was at times ankle-deep, GFA workers Topher and Ulla assured people of the church’s care and support in this critical time.

Kailea is a daily wage labourer affected by the flooding. Her husband is bedridden due to poor health.

“Due to COVID-19 pandemic, I am not getting regular work and struggling to meet the needs of my household,” Kailea said. “The things in the kit are really helpful in this pandemic. I thank the leaders for reaching out to my family even when the situation is not good due to floods.”

Verbena and her husband both lost their jobs due to the shutdown, which left them without an income to provide for their family of 10.

“We are struggling …” Verbena said. “We indeed needed a hygiene kit, and I am thankful to the leaders for coming to my home and giving this kit to us.”

Needs of struggling communities are many during the pandemic. GFA workers are responding with compassion and doing everything they can to assist people in need, helping them protect their health as well as feeding their families.

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