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June 1, 2021

GFA Workers Aid Local Students

GFA workers distribute hygiene items to six local schools.

Approximately 1.6 billion children worldwide have been affected by school closures during the COVID-19 pandemic. 1 In what UNICEF has dubbed an “education crisis,” students have fallen behind in their studies, and those most vulnerable, such as the impoverished students GFA workers serve, “will pay the heaviest price.” 2 Amplifying the global education crisis, the pandemic could increase the number of primary school children living in “learning poverty” by 72 million. 3

In many areas where GFA workers serve, schools closed for several months because of the coronavirus pandemic, providing students with little opportunity for remote learning. According to UNICEF, “schools are essential for children’s learning, health, safety and well-being.” 4 Seeing the negative affect on students’ studies, some school officials have resumed classes with social distancing measures. GFA workers have taken initiative to provide hygiene and other items to local schools to aid in students’ health and education.

A school official thanks GFA workers for gifting items that will help children resume their education.

One distribution included six local schools. Each school received forehead thermometers, liquid hand sanitizer, masks and a sanitizer dispenser machine. These items will help schools monitor and encourage student health as well as prevent the spread of the virus.

“Even if it is a small help, please accept it happily, and give us such opportunity to assist you,” GFA pastor Deakin told school principals.

School officials joyfully thanked church leaders.

“We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude … to [the church] for playing a supportive role in providing hygiene materials to six schools in our ward,” said Mr. Kayde, a school principal who spoke on behalf of the group.

children that received care from GFA workers.
Children happily carry home notebooks that were given to them by GFA workers.

GFA pastor Pascal led another distribution event for school children who have been struggling in their studies during the shutdown. In his area, classes are slowly resuming but schools have faced challenges, such as the global question of how to reopen safely considering the ongoing pandemic. 5 Seeing their predicament, Pastor Pascal’s church donated needed items such as soap, hand sanitizer, masks and sports equipment to help the students as they cautiously resume regular activities. The distribution benefited 650 people.

In another area, GFA workers distributed 92 notebooks to students through GFA World’s child sponsorship program to aid them in their studies in a time when they have been unable to hold their normal activities.

“We are so thankful to [GFA World] for the valuable help,” said Sinjin, a parent.

GFA World values education and investing in children’s futures. Its child sponsorship program gives impoverished children an opportunity to excel and have a hopeful future with a solid foundation. Despite current challenges, GFA workers continue to seek ways to aid in the education and development of the next generation.

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