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May 24, 2021

Bridge of Hope Aids Communities During Pandemic

GFA World’s Bridge of Hope is a community care-based project and, as such, has aided surrounding communities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, often in partnership with local government leaders. Staff have also encouraged students and families in the midst of hardship.

One distribution program, led by GFA worker Kaidin, focused on motivating children for their self-care and development. Kaidin encouraged students to be disciplined and utilize the time of the shutdown to study well so they can secure a better future. He also challenged them to maintain good health and obey their parents.

A local doctor talks to Bridge of Hope students.

Labor official Mr. Maksym was the guest speaker at another Bridge of Hope distribution event. After sharing a positive message with students, he expressed appreciation for the work and timely aid of Bridge of Hope.

“This organization is helping many people in different places, and I am very happy to witness this,” said Mr. Maksym. “I am thankful to them for extending help to the poor people in our village. [Bridge of Hope] is helping our children get a good education, too.”

At another event, guest speaker Dr. Cashel spoke to families about the coronavirus, its effect on common life and how to take precautions against its spread.

“The ration kits are distributed at the right time as the people are really in need of help,” Dr. Cashel said. “It is a great privilege for us to attend such kind of program. I am extremely happy, and my deepest thanks to the leadership who takes the great initiative.”

After each program, attendees received food kits with items such as rice, beans, potatoes and oil to help families in their time of need.

Left: A Bridge of Hope student joyfully carries food rations home.
Right: Bridge of Hope student receives food kit from Dr. Cashel.

Fifteen-year-old Vartan attended the program led by GFA worker Kaidin, whose words as well as the provisions impacted the teen.

“I thank dear sir who came to us and provided us the dry ration kit and also for encouraging us for our life,” Vartan said. “We [will] try our best to do good in our studies. Thanks for your love toward us.”

The rations filled recipients such as 14-old Sabryna with joy and gratitude.

“I am extremely happy because today I could receive the ration items, and it is a very helpful in our family,” Sabryna said. “I give my heartfelt thanks to the leadership who always loved us and [are] concerned for us.”

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