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April 09, 2021

Food Distributions Continue During Pandemic

Though GFA World Bridge of Hope has not been able to operate as normal because of the pandemic, staff have still been distributing food to students and the people in their communities. Staff in one area went house to house to deliver much-needed provisions, such as rice, potatoes, lentils and oil to the area’s neediest people. Unable to work during the shutdown, these individuals were struggling to meet their basic needs.

Left: An elderly man happily receives rations. Right: Bridge of Hope staff deliver food to the needy.

“During this lockdown, we suffer a lot because we cannot go out for work to earn and meet our daily needs at home,” said Kadi, a 55-year-old who works as a daily labourer on a farm. “In such time, [Bridge of Hope] staff came and helped us. … I am greatly happy, and I express my heartfelt thanks to the team.”

Madalina is also a daily labourer who struggled to feed her family.

“I was thinking and worrying about the family's needs at home,” she said. “With this great help, we can manage somehow. I am extremely happy and thankful to the [GFA] staff for helping us and caring for us.”

Looking to Do More

In another village, residents are burdened by a lack of education, which prohibits many from finding jobs. Poor living conditions and no medical facilities result in widespread health issues and other difficulties. The pandemic-related shutdown exacerbated residents’ struggle for survival.

GFA pastor Beckette was moved by their plight and helped organize a food distribution for 85 families.

“Our church wants to help the needy in our society because we believe that service of fellow humans is service to God,” Beckette said.

A GFA pastor distributes rations.

The families gratefully received rice, wheat, lentils and sugar, which helped meet their immediate needs, but GFA workers recognized that more needs to be done in this area. The women in this area tend to have a higher illiteracy rate because of not being able to finish their education. It has hindered their ability to earn a decent living for their families and their overall quality of life. To further develop the community, GFA workers hope to start a literacy class, which would greatly benefit residents.

During the pandemic, GFA workers continue to serve their fellow humans as service to God, helping those unable to help themselves and bringing aid to communities in need.

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