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March 9, 2021

Without Work but Not Hope

GFA workers distributed 103 food kits to needy factory workers and their families.

In industrial areas of the developing world, many inhabitants are fully dependent on mills and factories for their survival. But when those businesses closed due to the lockdown, workers suddenly found themselves without the work they depended upon to feed their families. Though they feared the virus, they feared starvation even more. Unable to provide for themselves or leave their homes, they could only hope someone would bring them food.

GFA workers have been diligently distributing food among those in need, working with local government officials and following COVID-19 guidelines. In one community, a Bridge of Hope team distributed 103 food kits containing rice, lentils, chickpeas, mustard oil, sugar and salt to needy factory workers and their families. The provision filled recipients’ hearts with joy and gratitude.

“Due to COVID-19, we have struggled a lot, especially for food,” Radlee, a recipient, said.

“Today, I am deeply thankful to [Bridge of Hope], that they have helped us by providing all these required provisions to us.”

A Bridge of Hope student happily carries provisions to her home.

Hopeful Provision

Other GFA Bridge of Hope locations have also served as distribution sites to provide for families unable to work during the lockdown. In one island village, GFA workers partnered with local police and government officials to distribute 81 kits containing food items as well as soap to Bridge of Hope children and their families.

Ninth grader Paysli is without a father and has a disabled brother. Her mother struggles as the sole breadwinner in their family.

“I am extremely happy to receive the ration kits from [Bridge of Hope],” Paysli said. “This is very helpful and valuable to us during this crisis.”

Aalisha is in the third grade. Her father earns a living as an auto rickshaw driver.

“Due to the lockdown, my father could not go for work and [was] finding it difficult to meet the needs at home,” Aalisha said. “I will remember forever [GFA Bridge of Hope], who has helped me and my family with the ration kits.”

These families may be unable to earn an income in their present circumstances, but thanks to GFA workers they are not without provision or hope.

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