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February 24, 2021

Encouraging Students in Word and Deed

Numerous GFA World Bridge of Hope centres have organized food distributions to help their students and surrounding communities. Along with providing physical food, workers have distributed food for the soul as they encouraged participants in the midst of their struggles.

“[Don’t think] that you are alone in your sufferings,” GFA worker Jabez told participants at one distribution event. “Lots of people are there to care for you and think about your betterment. Stay encouraged as you receive this ration kit today.”

Many centres have invited local government leaders to participate in these events. Speakers have covered an array of topics, including taking care of one’s health and family—with an emphasis on COVID-19 awareness and prevention—making good choices in life, and ensuring a solid future. Several encouraged students to study well despite the pandemic-related obstacles.

“To live in the world is not easy, as there are lots of challenges and difficulties,” said GFA worker Natal. “In the midst of these problems and difficulties, we should love and help one another as we can, and we also need to overcome together by doing good work.”

Natal also encouraged children in attendance to remember, and give priority to, their responsibilities and studies.

“No education, no future,” he concluded.

Food items and encouraging words filled students’ hearts with joy.

An Expression of Love

GFA workers and Bridge of Hope staff have encouraged students to stand strong in adversity and reminded students of their love for them.

“Though the centres are closed due to COVID-19, we are praying for you and love you,” said GFA worker Taggart. “Today, what you are going to receive is the expression of our love to you all.”

He also encouraged them to love one another and become useful people for society.

Macia is a student who received food at one of the distributions.

Bridge of Hope student happily displays the ration kit she received.

“I am deeply grateful to [Bridge of Hope] staff and leaders for their love and care for my life,” Macia said. “I have learned many good things from the centre, and now you are giving me the dry ration kits. I will never forget such an act of kindness in my life.”

Gabirel, a student at a different Bridge of Hope centre, also expressed his gratitude.

“The project [centre] is helping us as always, even though the situation around us is very gloomy and the whole world is in financial crisis,” Gabirel said. “I will be ever grateful to the church and the project center for helping us.”

Though unable to hold regular activities, Bridge of Hope continues, through these life-saving provisions, to be a beacon of hope and love to the children and communities it serves.

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