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September 25, 2020

Providing Tea for Elderly Despite Lockdown

Bastavar watched the members of his home for the elderly, a small voice of worry nagging at the back of his mind. In times of normalcy, he and his team of workers cared for the 26 residents of the nursing home, taking residents to doctor’s appointments, helping bathe them, providing daily meals, organizing special outings and offering various forms of entertainment to keep the older men and women happy, healthy and comfortable. Bastavar’s team funded it all with the help of charitable donations.

The tea supplies provided by Giransh and Pahalvan will help Bastavar continue caring for his residents, like this 98-year-old man.

But after a COVID-19 lockdown went into effect in their region, Bastavar found himself needing more help. Most of what he provided for the residents could be taken care of; what he needed was supplies to make tea. Serving tea twice a day quickly burned through the supplies Bastavar already had. However, he knew whom to call.

Some days later, GFA workers Giransh and Pahalvan visited the elderly home with 143 pounds of sugar, tea leaves and milk powder to help bolster Bastavar’s supplies. Giransh and Pahalvan, with a local police officer who accompanied them in accordance with lockdown guidelines, unloaded the cargo, much to Bastavar’s happiness.

“I am thankful for this generous gift from [GFA workers],” he said. “I am able to operate the [nursing home] because I care for them, but I cannot do it alone and need support to get more facilities and food supplies. Through this gift of milk powder, sugar and tea leaves I am able to provide tea for all the [residents]. Tea is the most wanted commodity. … Thank you very much.”

Because GFA workers continuously minister to the people in their communities, people like Bastavar know who they can depend on in a time of need.

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