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August 31, 2020

Pastor, Wife Provide Fresh Vegetables to Families During Lockdown

As the clock struck half past 3 in the morning, GFA pastor Kulwinder and his wife, Banubai, were already up. In these twilight hours, they had work to do. Astride his motorcycle, Pastor Kulwinder had two to three trips to the market planned out to gather enough supplies for he and Banubai to package and distribute that day. They wanted to get to as many houses as possible.

For the past two weeks, both pastor and wife had been collecting, packaging and distributing food packages of fresh vegetables for needy families in seven different villages in South Asia. After getting permission from local authorities, Pastor Kulwinder and Banubai set about blessing those struggling during the COVID-19 lockdown. Some vegetable vendors, hearing of their work, gave them free produce, happy they could help needy families through the pastor.

Later that day, after multiple trips to the market and several hours of activity, the last batch of families had vegetable packets in their arms.

“I work as a road sweeper for [the local village] but during the COVID lockdown I didn’t have work and didn’t receive my wages,” Chayla, a recipient, said. “I have three children. Today I received this very valuable vegetable bag from [Pastor Kulwinder], which is a great blessing to my family.”

Left: Pastor Kulwinder and his wife put together food packets with a wide variety of vegetables to help people who have been unable to buy groceries for weeks because of the pandemic.
Right: Banubai, pictured right, hands a bag of fresh vegetables to a thankful woman during one of their many distributions.

Another recipient, Sharaya, said, “Thank you so much for the special gift of mixed vegetables. I worked as a farm helper in the village chicken farm, and my husband worked as a helper in a grocery shop in our village. We both don’t have a job since March 12, 2020. Thank you so much for these fresh vegetables because we don’t have money to buy anything until we start to work.”

Pastor Kulwinder thanked God for the opportunity to spread His love during this tumultuous time.

“Even with our little resources and the fair vendors’ donations, we were able to do a great task and serve our people,” the pastor said. “I believe God will bless these families.”

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