Soutenez des missionnaires empressés d’aller dans les villages d’Asie qui ont besoin de connaitre l’amour de Dieu.

GFA World-supported missionaries are hand-picked and trained to minister the love of Christ in Asia. Thousands of new fellowships have started as a result. You can support the work of national missions and enable villages to experience Christ and all He has done for them.

By sponsoring national missions, you will:

  • Make it possible for people who have never heard about Jesus to hear how much He loves them.
  • Enable men and women to minister in areas that may be restricted or closed to Western missions.
  • Serve the people of Asia by providing national workers with the resources they need to show Christ’s love to those around them.
  • Partner with an organization that has more than 30 years experience ministering in Asia through national missionaries.

Each national worker is a man or woman who already lives in Asia. In preparation for ministry, they go through three years of intensive ministry training. The following advantages make them ideal to minister throughout Asia:

  • They move freely in areas restricted to outsiders and are usually accepted in the communities.
  • They know the cultural taboos instinctively.
  • They have already mastered the language or can easily learn a related dialect.
  • They live in the community, eating the same food, wearing the same clothes and sharing the same cultural interests as the local people.
  • They have a passion and burden to serve their own people.

It only takes $30 a month to help enable national workers to serve full time and bring hope that can only be found in Christ to villages needing it.

We have the opportunity to change lives in Asia. Did you know that around 80,000 people die every day in the 10/40 Window? Some of their lives may end without ever hearing the Good News. We can make a choice today that will forever change the fate of those who have yet to hear.

Parrainez un missionnaire et faites connaître l'amour de Christ à un village en Asie

Sponsor today and for each pledge of $30 to GFA World’s National Missionary Program, you will get a packet that includes the photo and personal information of a missionary you can pray for. You will also receive exclusive updates from the mission field that help you know how to pray for the region where your missionary is serving.


Mon mari et moi croyons très fermement en l’importance de votre ministère et nous voulons appuyer cette mission sacrée consistant à partager la Bonne Nouvelle.

Alan et Debra, Alberta

Après avoir lu Révolution dans les missions mondiales et Plus jamais un chien de bidonville, j’ai réalisé que le ministère des missionnaires nationaux oeuvrant avec GFA représente le moyen le plus efficace de conduire des âmes perdues à Christ.

Sherrill C, Alabama

Je parrainais déjà un missionnaire de GFA, mais en lisant Révolution dans les missions mondiales, j’ai eu à cœur d’en parrainer un de plus. Ce ministère est tellement remarquable et je suis reconnaissante d’en faire partie.

Amber, Canada

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