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Missionary Monika


I was born May 20, 1992, into a nominal Christian family in India. During childhood, I attended the Sunday school and involved in the church activities.

During my teens, I was suffering from severe sickness for three years. Finally, I became mentally disorder. I went to different hospitals to get treatment. But the doctors could not cure my sickness and I became very weak and lean. As a result, I did not have strength in my body. I was very upset and discouraged due to it.

As days passed by, when my pastor and believers saw my condition, they started to pray for me. As they were praying I made an oath to God in my heart that if God delivered me from this sickness I would serve Him throughout my life. So, the pastor prayed for my sickness. As a result, God healed me. I realized God’s healing touch in my life and I was also convicted of my sins. So, I confessed and chose to trust in Jesus.

As I was growing in the Lord, I dedicated my life to God. Gradually, I was burdened in my heart to share the Good News to those around me. As I sought the Lord’s will, He confirmed me of His calling and I enrolled in a Bible School.

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