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Missionary Mallika


I was born November 25, 1991, into a believers’ family in India. My parents encouraged us to go to Sunday school and Sunday service.

As I grew up, I did not excel in my education and failed in my high school exams. As a result of this, I stopped going to school and started helping my parents in farming. I used to work hard in the field. Once, I suffered from severe body pain and did not feel like doing anything. My waist was hurting me badly.

As the pain became unbearable, I cried out to the Lord to deliver me from my suffering. The Almighty heard my prayer and delivered me completely. I rejoiced and praised God for His mercy. The love of Jesus convicted me of my sins and by confessing my sins, I received Christ as my personal Savior.

Gradually, I became spiritually matured, as I spent more time in God’s presence, praying and meditating on His Word. As days went by, the Almighty burdened my heart for the lost to be saved with His unfailing love. Through fervent time spent in prayer, I was confirmed of God’s calling, and I enrolled in a Gospel for Asia Bible School.

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