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Missionary Chitrapan


I was born July 9, 1986, into a non-Christian family, in Nepal. My parents were devoted in their faith and they motivated us to faithfully practice all the rituals and other practices.

Meanwhile, my father sent me to a boarding school. But due to my health problems I was not able to continue it.
During this time, a missionary came to our village. He was distributing Christian literature and he also gave me. At that very moment, in anger I tore and burned the tract.

The next day, I had a headache. Immediately, my parents took me to the hospital but even after the treatments I did not get well. Then one of our neighbours told my parents to take me to the church. Hearing this, they took me there and a pastor prayed for my healing. To our surprise, I was healed.

However I was drifted back to my old lifestyle. Again I suffered from the same problem. I realized that Jesus is the living God. I then confessed my sins and chose to trust Him.

Slowly, a desire grew in my heart to serve God. As I prayed He answered me through our pastor. Soon, under the guidance of him, I enrolled in a Bible school.

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