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Missionary Githirani



I was born July 14, 1993, into a non-Christian family in Asia. I lost my parents when I was very young. From childhood, I worshipped a host of gods and goddesses.

My oldest brother works as farmer to support the family. In the midst of daily activities, he never forgot religious matters and were always active in doing the rituals.

One of my older brothers chose to trust in God through a pastor. Thereafter, he lived a godly life and attended the church regularly. In the meantime, I was down with fever and no amount of medicine proved to be fruitful. At this juncture, my brother called the pastor and he earnestly prayed for my complete healing. Within some days, I was healed and regained my health. As the pastor shared the Good News with me, I was convicted of my sinful ways. No sooner, I confessed my sins and became a part of the Body of Christ.

When Christ entered my heart, my life was overwhelmed with peace and joy. As a result, God empowered me for His service and revealed His plan for my life to serve Him. Hence, I committed myself to the divine call and enrolled in a Bible School.

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