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Missionary Johnson



I was born March 4, 1993, into a nominal Christian family in Asia. Being the only son of my parents, they loved me a lot and provided for all my needs.

When I reached adolesence, I had a group of friends who involved in unhealthy deeds. Being with them I became notorious, which made my parents sad. As days passed, they sent me to our relative’s home hoping that this would bring transformation in my life.

During that time, I found out that my uncle was a kind-hearted man. He invited me to attend a youth meeting in his local church. Being invited I went and was amazed to see young people giving glory to God. Finally, when the minister began to share from God’s Word, I felt as if God was speaking to me to turn away from all my sinful ways. At the end of the service, I could experience a great joy within me. The very moment I confessed my sins and chose to put my trust in God. Gradually, I began to develop a close relationship with Him.

Before long, a strong desire grew in my heart to study God’s Word and I started to pray about it. Later, when He confirmed me of my call, I enrolled in a Bible School.

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